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Mr. Meat has content that begins with an outbreak of zombie disease. The city where you live has been affected. In which your neighbor is a butcher named Meat, unfortunately, is infected. He is no longer conscious of becoming a murderer. Always attack living things. Rumor has it that his residence is haunted, inside are corpses and countless kidnapped people. Once investigating a case related to the disappearance of a female student, following the trail has brought you to his house. Avoid direct confrontation with the dangerous killer. What you need to do is find out where the girl is being held, avoid the situation and escape from this dangerous place. Players need to use intelligence, reasoning to solve puzzles from the mysterious room. That will help the character receive important clues to find a safe way to escape.

Download Mr. Meat Mod – Hostage rescue journey

Mr. Meat mod has a very horror background. The space was covered with a gloomy color, on the ground were puddles of fresh blood and undead. Meat is an extremely dangerous serial killer. He lives by drinking fresh blood and eating human flesh. With his magic power, nothing can defeat him. So forcing players to act cautiously to avoid detection. The captured girl was not locked in a fixed place but was taken to many different rooms. You will follow the bloodstains on the floor to find out the character’s location. To increase your own safety, on the way pick up the weapons available in the house. Search every nook and cranny to collect useful clues. There are also many traps around, so you need to watch your movements carefully. Quickly rescue the victim from this evil place.

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Style play

The gameplay of Mr. Meat is quite simple. On the screen, there is only 1 joystick to control. You will start moving the character from the outside into the house to find the girl. This place is old and large with many different secret rooms that are well hidden. You will use the key you picked up to open the mysterious room. Follow the trail to find many new paths. The killer will appear all the time. When you see him you just need to quietly hide. When detected, use the weapon in hand to attack to prevent the pursuit. Otherwise, you will be knocked unconscious and locked in another place by him. Find the girl must hurry out.


In a certain period of time, the female student will be moved to different places by the bad guy. So the search becomes even more difficult. Players need clues and traces to find the girl. For example, The key to open the door of the room or the secret room. It takes the character to many mysterious places hidden in the house. Puzzles are placed on the floor, drawers, behind doors, in closets. Answer correctly you will get some useful information. It could be a letter, photo, video leading to the victim’s location or how to deal with the enemy and the way out.


The killer was always around the house. If discovered, he will chase you to the end to take your life. In the face of such a dangerous person, players need to equip weapons to protect themselves. First will receive a shotgun. During the game, you can find melee weapons such as knives, pliers, hammers, etc… However, he has magical powers that cannot be killed no matter what. Therefore, the main purpose of the obtained applications is to distract when attacked. Use broken doors or glass panels to find shelter.

Mr Meat mod

Graphics and sound

Mr. Meat’s graphics are realistic, sometimes giving the feeling that you are immersed in the game. By creating sharp 3D images, the textures are clear. The background of the house with gloomy, old colors. The characters all have different shapes. The killer looks full of horror. Blood everywhere, always holding a thigh of flesh in his hand, a fierce and scary face. As he approached, the sound of footsteps getting faster and faster created a sense of suspense. In the quiet night, the sound of a dog barking resounds to increase the drama for the player.

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Mr. Meat attracts players with a horror game that combines puzzles. Simple gameplay, highly entertaining. Gives players the feeling of being involved in a detective story. Suspenseful, dramatic every moment. Many levels with different challenges unleash to conquer. However, equally scary by the image of gore, dark space, creepy sound. Make sure you have enough courage and a good spirit to join the game.

Download Mr Meat APK 1.9.5

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