MX Player Pro Mod APK 1.36.11 (Unlocked, Patched, AC3, DTS Lite)

Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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MOD Info
  • Multi Languages [ML]
  • Removed all Google, stat-anal, evaluation window
  • Added DTS codec
  • Cut unnecessary access to the Internet

MX Player Pro Mod is provided by the publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive). As technology is developing more and more, as well as people’s entertainment needs are increasing. Therefore, there are many entertainment applications on the market, giving users moments of relaxation. Besides, each application has a distinct character and independent interface. Coming to MX Player Pro Mod you can freely enjoy a private space, with a lot of interesting things. This is an entertainment application on the Android platform. Help users watch attractive movies on their smart devices.

Download MX Player Pro Mod – A Free Movie Watching App With High Speed

MX Player Pro Mod is a great video support application. Especially, this is the first application on the Android operating system that uses hard drive decryption software. Not stopping there, the application was once listed in the list of 1 in 7 applications that support users to watch the best videos. That is based on user searches, as well as numerous downloads. And many people voted for good quality. In addition, the application is designed with a simple interface, with high-quality colors. Bringing users a closer and more comfortable feeling during movie watching. Along with optimized usage, users can easily search for videos on the toolbar. This is one of the factors that make users love this application.Download MX Player Pro Mod

Hardware decoding

The working mechanism of MX Player Pro Mod is hardware decoding. Then the application will exploit the hard disk most effectively, bringing faster processing speed. Help viewers enjoy exciting movies, without being interrupted by the machine’s freezes and lags. Especially the application supports users to process the device’s multi-core, which will bring 70% better usability than usual. Then you can comfortably watch your favorite movies. With a few simple steps, users just need to search for the movie they want. Then download to the device and go to the application to open the video, and you can experience your favorite movie. Even without an Internet connection, users can still watch in the smoothest way. Also, this application will help users not to be interrupted or bothered by ads.MX Player Pro Mod

Connect to TV

The feature of connecting to the TV of the Android operating system will make users extremely excited. Because then you will enjoy attractive movies, on a large screen with high resolution. If normally, users will have to work very hard to be able to search and use the TV with the remote. Now you can easily operate on the MX Player Pro Mod application and the video will be displayed on the screen of the TV. The highlight of the application is to help users optimize and reduce the size of the download when downloading. Usually, videos will have a lot of different versions. However, the subtitled version will be very large when downloaded. So when using this application, users can download a video with the regular version. Then download a separate subtitle to your device. Then the application will automatically synchronize them together.MX Player Pro Mod APK

Optimize usage

Besides, MX Player Pro Mod has optimized usage, making it easy for users to control in the simplest way. Here you will only need to perform simple operations on the empty space of the screen. By touching and swiping up and down in the left corner of the screen, increase or decrease the brightness of the device. Or touch and swipe the right side of the screen, to adjust the volume loud and low. In some cases, if you want to fast forward or rewind. Just tap and swipe to the sides to do it. Especially when you want to minimize or enlarge the screen, just tap two fingers on the center of the screen at the same time and drag. Not stopping there, the application provides users with a child lock feature. That will help you feel more secure, as they can’t fiddle with apps other than watching videos.MX Player Pro Mod

MX Player Pro Mod provides users with many different subtitle versions. For example DVD, Teletex, MPL2, … and many other subtitle versions. Help users enjoy watching their favorite movies with appropriate subtitles. That will give you a greater sense of excitement during video viewing. Also, this is a free movie-watching app. Support users to handle speed, making watching videos smoother. Along with easy to use operation, will bring you moments of entertainment in your spare time.

Download MX Player Pro Mod APK 1.36.11 (Unlocked, Patched, AC3, DTS Lite)

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