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My Friend Pedro Mod is built with attractive shooting gameplay. Requires player’s shooting skills to take down enemies. At the same time combined with the ability to move skillfully through each obstacle. Take turns to overcome each challenge waiting for you ahead to complete the task. This is an action game, designed by developer DevolverDigital in a shooting style. Your mission is to control the character Pedro in his journey to rescue his wife and children. Faced with many difficulties, even at the expense of his life. To be able to bring his wife and children back to his family, and at the same time make the kidnappers receive a bitter ending. Using the gun in your hand, you become a professional assassin. Fires deadly bullets that make enemies lie down.

Download My Friend Pedro Mod – Accompany Perdo in the journey to rescue his wife and children

The content of My Friend Pedro Mod revolves around the character Pedro. His wife and children were kidnapped by criminals. That made Perdo decide to go on a dangerous journey alone. With the desire to rescue his wife and children from the hands of kidnappers. However, Perdue will face many challenges along the way. In addition to having to skillfully overcome difficult terrain, he also has to face criminals. They appear in various locations along the way. For the purpose of preventing you from rescuing your wife and children. Requires skilled shooting skills, combining flexible movement in each terrain. Quickly use the gun in your hand to take down enemies before they attack.Download My Friend Pedro Mod

Use the gun to destroy the enemy, overcome all terrain

Join My Friend Pedro Mod you play as the character Pedro. With the mission to rescue his wife and children being held by criminals. No support from allies or other players. You only have a gun in your hand as a companion weapon throughout the journey. Skillfully overcome difficult terrain, combine the gun in hand to knock down enemies in the way. In particular, you need a flexible combination of jumping over obstacles and shooting. For example, when the character jumps over a wall or swings to step over the terrain. In the process, quickly fire accurate bullets at the enemy, causing them to be destroyed.Game My Friend Pedro Mod

Control system, flexible combination

The control mechanism of My Friend Pedro Mod is quite simple. You just need to move and jump flexibly to overcome the terrain. For the dance moves need high precision and your control skills. The screen is divided into 2 circles, corresponding to 2 control keys. You just need to touch, hold and adjust the jump angle according to the indicated lines that appear to perform the jump. However, the most important thing is the flexible combination through each jump. For example, when the terrain is too high, you need to make several jumps to be able to pass. After you jump for the first time, it is necessary to quickly choose a location to continue jumping for the second time. If you act slowly, the character will fall to the ground and it will be difficult to overcome the difficult terrain.My Friend Pedro Mod

37 levels, continuously create combos and race against time

My Friend Pedro Mod provides players with 37 unique combat levels. Each level corresponds to an interesting scene. At the beginning of the first level, you have up to 3 hearts, which is equivalent to 3 lives. Each time you are attacked by an enemy, you will lose one life. After being attacked 3 times, you will lose and have to play again from the beginning of that level. Skillfully move through each treacherous terrain, protect lives against the dangers ahead. Quickly take down enemies and create deadly combos for the highest achievement. What’s more, you have to race against time at each level. Continuously create combos to maintain life. Complete the mission excellently, and also get the bonus from that level.Tai My Friend Pedro Mod

Besides the scene play screen with the task of overcoming the terrain and attacking the enemy. My Friend Pedro Mod also takes you into dramatic shooting car races. Immerse yourself in speed races, use flexible guns to fight enemies. Takedown all those who stand in your way and make them die before the deadly bullets. Passing each level in turn will bring you closer to the ultimate goal, which is to rescue your wife and children who are being held. In addition, the sound of the game is extremely vivid. Gun sounds when used are extremely realistic, mixed with vibrant background music.

Download My Friend Pedro Mod APK 1.11 (Unlocked)

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