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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Unlimited Money (Increase when spend)

Designing homes for yourself and everyone with your own hands is something everyone dreams of. Grasping that need, the manufacturer released the game My Home Design Story Episode Choices to satisfy the passion of players. With 3D graphics to create realism like in reality. Make players feel every detail clearly. Here you will redesign the entire interior in a unique fresh style. Not only a simple design task but where you can solve challenging puzzles, play extremely thrilling games. Don’t worry about running out of ideas because there will be plenty of models to choose from. Along with that is a turbulent love story of a girl named Donna. You will be the one to help her decide between the two men in her life. They all wanted to compete for her attention. Each choice will bring a different ending. So think carefully before you speak. Use all your creativity to become the best designer. Satisfy all customers to earn profits for themselves.

Download My Home Design Story Episode Choices mod – Design your dream home and experience the love story with Donna

Everything in My Home Design Story Episode Choices Mod is up to you to decide. Don’t worry when in trouble because kind neighbors will always help you. In addition, if you love animals, you can buy them in the system’s shop to raise them. Building large, spacious, and fully equipped houses is not an easy task. Please arrange and complement the most harmonious and beautiful. Or you can create for each room in the house a different style to create a unique and novelty. You will be able to choose from hundreds of beautiful furniture items provided by the system. Just work and experience Donna’s beautiful love stories like love novels. Make the best decisions to make her happy. From choosing a boyfriend to how to behave in every word.

My Home Design Story Episode Choices mod


A dreamy New York City love story revolving around a girl named Donna. Working as a house designer to raise a young daughter. As a single mother, Donna is always looking for her happiness with the desire to help and stabilize her life. With her inherent talent, her interior design work is very nice and growing. However, love affairs are always troubled. Donna had to choose between two men. Grey, rich real estate mogul, and sweet romantic neighbor Ryan. Whether her love life will blossom or stalemate all depends on you. Make the best choices.

My Home Design Story Episode Choices mod apk

Decorate your dream house

The first is to design and remodel your home. Buy more furniture and some necessary things to make the house comfortable. Everything is very dusty and old because it has been a long time since no one has used it. So you need to fix everything so that Donna and her little daughter have a better life. Do everything in your own style because there will be no constraints here. After a while, you can open your own studio and get a home decor rental. While working if the client requests according to their style, follow to get the maximum amount. But in the absence of any requests, be creative at your disposal. Do everything to make the house as attractive and comfortable as possible.

Game My Home Design Story Episode Choices mod

Master every situation

At My Home Design Story Episode Choices Mod, you will be the one to support Donna a lot in her love story. Each episode features important choices that change the course of the romance. Make the right decision for the girl torn between two men. Just choosing people is not enough. After that, the player also has to behave properly with his boyfriend. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to come to a happy ending.

Earn extra income from games

To renovate the houses will require quite a large amount of money. Join the games organized by the system to bring back valuable gifts, serving your design needs. Try to complete all the tasks given to collect the maximum amount. The levels will be in order from simple to complex. At each win screen, the corresponding amount of gold will be put into your account. Pay attention to the heart symbols on the screen, each loss will be deducted one. After a while, they can recover and you will continue the game.

My Home Design Story Episode Choices mod apk

With eye-catching graphics and design plus realistic details to every detail, My Home Design Story Episode Choices gives players extremely unique and new experiences. It feels so satisfying to see the beautiful results created by my own hands. Along with that, participating in the romantic love stories of the girl Donna makes us feel more relaxed and happy. Download My Home Design Story Episode Choices Mod to become the best designer in the world. Write beautiful love stories with your characters.

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