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Update October 11, 2021 (2 years ago)

If you want to help and save people’s health but haven’t had the chance yet. Come to My Hospital where you can do things like a real doctor. Here the gameplay will guide the player with everything needed to best care and cure the patient. Life is more and more developed, everything is upgraded to a new level, so is the equipment of the medical industry. Always updated from time to time to be able to detect many new human diseases. Patients can live longer thanks to dedicated doctors. Here you not only have the name of a doctor who is passionate about the profession, but you can also build and manage your own hospital. There will be all the necessary things of the medical industry, hiring more staff and nurses to make operations faster. Make a specific plan to help your hospital be developed and have many high-end tools and machines for the working process. The main purpose of a doctor is to help and cure patients so that they can recover soon so they can return to their families and loved ones. In addition to satisfying passion, players also receive a huge amount of money after each cure. Use that money to buy more necessary medical equipment, upgrade hospital beds to make them more comfortable, etc. Become the most prestigious doctor in the world.

Download My Hospital Mod – Cure for everyone

There are many different ways for you to choose to treat your patient. It can be done in a traditional way or using a more modern medication regimen. But no matter what, carefulness still has to be a top priority. Come to My Hospital Mod where players can develop their own abilities and medical knowledge. Don’t worry if you don’t understand because the system has a detailed healing process. You just need to follow so that the patient gets a better result. Gameplay gives players many new things, if you don’t want to work for too long, save money and open your own hospital. Players will be built up many different clinics but also need to ensure safety and quality efficiency. Work diligently to build credibility. Attract more people to a medical examination. You can also make a lot of money from selling drugs, especially after difficult surgeries. Choosing the right medicine and treatment course is also quite important. Because it determines the patient’s health, it may get better or weaker. This is a pretty high-risk profession, so do your best to become the best doctor.

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Build your hospital

In My Hospital Mod, players may encounter many strange diseases or many types of bacteria that cannot be cured immediately. In order for your hospital to have enough treatments, it is necessary to expand and upgrade it. Treating all kinds of diseases helps people to soon recover their health back to its original state. Your hospital will have many indispensable areas such as Doctor’s room, diagnostic room, treatment center, and especially laboratory, etc… The layout will be completely decided by the player. After each upgrade, the hospital room-scale will be further expanded. Then you can buy more hospital beds.

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Planting herbs

There will be many plants that are extremely good at healing and killing bacteria in the body. In My Hospital Mod, players can build a garden with many different precious medicinal plants. When necessary, harvest them and put them in the laboratory, creating drugs to reduce the risk of death of the patient. Take regular care so that the herbal plants grow to their fullest, then you will surely find more cures for your patients. Helping patients every day so they can return to their normal lives.

My Hospital mod apk

Hospital decoration

In your spare time, buy some more decorative items for your hospital. It not only enhances the aesthetics but also makes the patient feel at home. In the shop, there are many collections with different styles for players to freely choose. Make decisions based on your will and preferences without any restrictions. The decoration is not only beautiful but also helps to relieve the patient’s stress. Comfort will help the disease progress better. Come up with a unique idea to make the hospital more beautiful and closer to everyone.

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Coming to My Hospital, don’t worry about having to work alone, because the special feature will help you connect with many other players around the world. It is possible to buy, sell and trade cures and compete with other private hospitals. Share your achievements with everyone, create credibility. Download My Hospital Mod, become the most talented doctor, create many treatments, and help people stay healthy.

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