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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money and diamonds increase with purchases;
  • The minimum cost of items.

My Talking Hank Mod is an entertaining game genre that helps players have comfortable moments of relaxation, released by Outfit7 Limited will promise you a much new and more attractive experience. This is a new version upgraded from the series My Talking, the success story of the game will let you discover and take care of a cute dog. Since its launch in the game market up to now, the game has attracted a lot of participants and received more than 30,000 reviews from the audience. Besides, with the unlimited money Mod feature, it will help you play the game more interesting when you can enjoy shopping for essentials for your pet.

Download My Talking Hank Mod – Experience With Hank Dog

If in previous versions like My Talking Tom was cat-raising, for the game My Talking Hank Mod will be an interesting genre for dog lovers. For someone who has a crush on pets, especially dogs, this game should not be missed, because the dogs appearing in the game are very cute and active. The scene takes place on the romantic and unique island of Hawaii with the appearance of pets. When participating in the gameplay, players will have to do many different jobs to meet the requirements of the dog and also be your companion to explore interesting things on the island.Tai My Talking Hank Mod

Choose your food

Are you ready to embark on a whole new adventure with your dog? My Talking Hank Mod will provide you with a Hunk dog with a very unique identification feature with a black and white compartment on the body and exuding an undeniable cute beauty. At first, Hank will be just a puppy with a small body, your task is to take care of it healthy and grow big. The special thing about the game is that you will be watching the growth of the dog every day and the naughty character will help you be happier. As a dog’s nanny, your job is to take care of and nurse Hank’s food and sleep time. Hang a hammock under the sparkling sky to help the dog have a good night’s sleep.

Feed, take care

To take care of your dog, the player will need a lot of time and you can not rush on a day or two to finish. My Talking Hank Mod has a variety of food chains, you just need to click the icons below the map to let your pet do different tasks. For example, when you click on the plate and knife, Hank will go to the kitchen and eat the dishes of your choice, each dish will need to spend money to buy. For highly nutritious foods, it will help you to feed it and grow faster, but the money will be higher than usual. In addition, your Hank dog can mimic the voice when you allow the system to access the microphone, at which point the parody sound will be much more humorous.Game My Talking Hank Mod

Take care of

In addition to eating, Hank himself needs to be active and living normally, with a mischievous personality on clothes that will not be clean for long. Therefore, players need to bathe their dog clean to help it look fragrant and not get stains on the body. And players need to pay attention to the living mode of Hank, should not let the dog hold the cleaning for too long, because that will not be good, causing the state to be unstable. Time is also very important because if you do not sleep on time, there will be harmful effects or cause fatigue, drowsiness after waking up, please schedule and schedule a reasonable time.


In addition to the mischievous Hank, the island of Hawaii also has the appearance of many different species of animals such as hippos, rabbits, turtles, … and many other animals. Termites will have different characteristics and shapes, but they are all funny and interesting. For example, a hippopotamus with a large body and very hip hop look, stylish style, or a rabbit with white fur looks very cute. Besides, players will be taking pictures of animals living on the island, and creating a unique album. However, many animals will be very scared and run away when you get close, so use food as bait and take advantage of the opportunity to blink.My Talking Hank Mod


In addition, Hack My Talking Hank provides players with a variety of missions, along with more than 10 different mini-games for you to experience in your spare time. Also, you can go to the store to buy the necessary items early because there is everything you need like: food, drink, and more. Besides, players can shop for splendid outfits to add beauty and create a personality for Uncle Han Hank. However, you need to complete and earn money to be able to shop and unlock the things you like.

When downloading the Mod version of the game My Talking Hank, players will experience the limitless feature of attractive money, then you can freely buy everything and unlock outfits to highlight the dog. Hank. Entertaining games help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download My Talking Hank Mod to discover and nurture Hank from childhood to adulthood and participate in different mini-games.

Download My Talking Hank Mod APK (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

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