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Update October 14, 2021 (2 years ago)
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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball recreates a sport released by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Based on the basketball sport known and loved by many people around the world. When participating in this gameplay, players will be immersed in fiery, large-scale basketball matches. You can join as a basketball legend you admire. Combine with talented friends, build a strong team to be able to participate in international matches. If you don’t know how to play this sport, don’t worry too much. The system will detail the basic operations and techniques for you to confidently enter the match. Practice regularly to control the character more proficiently. Create unique gameplay, combine it well with your teammates. This game has 3D graphics, every movement is extremely smooth, combined with vibrant background music and realistic images. It will give players a feeling of excitement in each match.

Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod – Large-scale basketball matches

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod has the gathering of the best basketball stars in the world. Players are free to choose their favorite character. Companion in each match will be indispensable for teammates. Will coordinate with you to put the ball into the opponent’s basket and score. Quickly take advantage of every opportunity to score as many points as possible to win. Each team consists of 5 players in a match. They will be assigned to each position according to their abilities and strengths. The match was extremely intense and tense. Players will use the function keys on the screen to control the athletes to move flexibly. Try to master the gameplay features and have sharp reflexes. Handle the ball phase in a smart, creative way with beautiful skins. It Will help you master the game, The opponent does not have a chance to steal the ball to score. The gameplay also has the same rules as real-world matches. You need to know so that you don’t get caught in an unfortunate way.

Game NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball mod

Game mode

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod has extremely diverse gameplay, constantly changing. Gameplay allows you to play with multiplayer and join alliance matches to increase the OVR of your team. Players will learn a lot of experience in the gameplay, helping to improve their playing skills. Gameplay requires players to have good coordination with their teammates. Only then can victory be created. To do that is a very arduous and arduous process. In this gameplay, there are 4 main game modes including confrontation, event, season, and tournament. Each mode will bring different exciting experiences and a separate scale and value of prizes. But they all have the trophy for the winning team.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball mod

Abundant skills

In addition, you can use your ball skills to score points out. The system also allows players to launch skills to attack opponents. Example: Use To punch to stun the enemy. Each character in the NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod will have a unique level of fitness and skill. You can unlock more new moves for your team. When you have the opportunity to approach the enemy, press the attack button to stun the opponent. Causes your team to be stunned and frozen for a few seconds. Note: Not only do you have the ability to attack, but your team also has very rich skills. Besides, you also have to equip your team with defensive skills against attacks from your team. To be able to protect his basket when attacked by the enemy.

Character system

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod possesses a massive and extremely rich character count. Each athlete has a unique set of skills and strengths. Detailed information will be provided by the system so you can choose and build your own team. Try to choose the best-skilled athletes to create the team. Outstanding characters will not be available for free. A certain amount of coins is required to unlock the athlete you like. If you have too many players, not using them all, you can sell them to other players. Besides, the system also provides athletes with extremely outstanding costumes. Feel free to choose the models you like.

Graphics and sound quality

Characters in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod are shaped in an attractive cartoon style. This will help you have interesting, unforgettable experiences. 3D graphics configuration creates a realistic basketball game combined with action that adds a special, new part to the game. The image is meticulously elaborated to every detail that is extremely eye-catching for players. When the character uses skills, impressive effects will appear. The vivid sound combined with funny background music contributes to making the game more dramatic and stimulating for players. Thanks to high-quality graphics, when entering the game, your operations will be extremely smooth, without lag.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball mod apk

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball gives players moments of comfort and relaxation. You will have the opportunity to showcase your talents and satisfy your passion for playing basketball. Join your team to conquer and shine in world-famous tournaments. Compete with famous, experienced teams. Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod to develop your passion and have the opportunity to meet the legends you have always dreamed of.

Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK 6.0.20

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