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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Have you ever felt annoyed about the people around you and wanted to take revenge on them? If so, then Path to Mnemosyne is a very reasonable choice for players to vent their anger. The plot is about Woody, a person who specializes in tough and long-lasting memories. Next to his house, there is a neighbor who is very grumpy and always causes unpleasant things to everyone in the neighborhood. He had an obese body, had a bad smell and was very dirty, and was dedicated to causing trouble for everyone who came near to immediately stay away. Your mission is to plan revenge against that man. Make him surrender and not bother anyone anymore. Each level will recreate the whole process of Woody breaking into the neighbor’s house. And the person who controls the main character is you. Follow the system’s instructions to get him caught in the trap. Or the player can come up with games for revenge. Such as Dip toilet paper in water, hide the TV remote, pour cooking oil on the floor or spread many obstacles to prevent the man from falling, etc. However, to do these things you need to plan properly. meticulous. Because if you are detected, you will definitely have to stop the game and start over.

Download Neighbors back From Hell Mod – Revenge on hateful neighbors

Any object in the house can become a fun prank. Just know how to arrange them and put them in the right place. Everything is sure to go well as planned. If you complete and trap your neighbor, you will receive a huge amount of money. And you can use them to buy materials that make your plan faster and easier to succeed. In particular, the more new games you create yourself, the more money will double. If the player wants to invest more or in other words, he wants to have a whole team to carry out all his revenge. Neighbors back From Hell Mod allow renting more NCP characters. Each one will have a different function to help you in positions. Let’s join your brothers to break into the bad man’s house and start implementing the plan right away.

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Style play

If it’s a military battle, it’s not easy to plan, but simple pranks have countless ways to perform. You can follow the system’s instructions or come up with ways to retaliate. Control the character to the place where the objects are and place them where you want. Leaving in a hidden corner can make enemies easier to trap because of limited visibility. However, it must be a frequent place to go, or else the neighbor will not be trapped but also waste your time. After finishing put the objects in the right place. Get back home quickly so you don’t get detected. Players can use binoculars to observe their plans from afar. If successful, it will immediately move to the next level.

Neighbors back From Hell Mod Apk

Ways to do it

There are many ways to trap your enemies. Like pouring oil on the floor, spreading banana peels all over the hallway, or leaving nails on the stairs, etc. If you have no idea, you can use suggestions from the system. The publisher lists out for players a variety of outstanding pranks. But whether you succeed or not is up to you. Choose hidden corners or passersby to place objects. If you don’t pay attention, the blanket will be trapped. The plan is successful, you will receive a corresponding amount of gold. It will make preparing for the next action easier.

Game Neighbors Back From Hell Mod

Change of location and perspective

Neighbors back From Hell Mod have a pretty outstanding feature that allows players to observe from all angles. It can be top-down, cross-sectional, vertical, etc. So you don’t have to worry if you can’t see it closely. Because the viewing angle will be changed continuously, covering every corner of the house. You can also travel with your family. Going to the beautiful beaches, there is much more to it. And especially, players can still practice their profession. The objects there are quite diverse, you can use them to prank anyone. Constantly changing locations is also a way to be less boring when playing games.

Neighbors back From Hell Mod Apk

The graphics in the game are very realistic. Let players see every detail clearly. That makes it easier to act. Characters move flexibly, suitable for running away in emergencies. Flexible sound, suitable for every situation. For example, the default background music will be a light song. But when it comes to the dramatic stage, it will immediately change the tune to more exciting. Stimulate players to a high level. Download Neighbors back From Hell Mod to take revenge on the hateful neighbor as well as those who make it difficult for you. Make a detailed plan to start taking action right away.

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