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Update October 16, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  1. mod menu
  2. unlimited boxes
  3. unlimited traps
  4. unlocked full version
  5. 100% chance on capture

Note: complete the tutorial before use mod.

Nexomon Mod is a role-playing game published by VEWO INTERACTIVE INC. Bring players into the world of Pokemon full of life. Released in early 2018 on the platforms of iOS and Android. Make it easy for players to download and completely free to download. The game has attracted a large number of participants all over the world. Not only is the gameplay fun, but it also has an engaging storyline. Players will participate in dramatic battles, with the task of destroying the dark forces. And protect the world from Omnicrom domination.

Download Nexomon Mod – Collect and Train Animals to Battle

The scene takes place in a peaceful land, where there is no war. People live together very peacefully and happily. But suddenly one day the dark force appeared, led by the leader Omnicrom who claimed to be the king of the Nexomon species. Their purpose is to wipe out the human race and occupy the beautiful land as a place to live and settle. Unyielding, two forces between humans and monsters broke out. During the war, with his intelligent mind. Humans have learned how to conquer Nexomon and fight with them against the forces of darkness. After a period of dramatic fighting, with the help of the Nexomon. Humanity won and destroyed all the monster army.

Attractive gameplay

Join the game you will transform into one of 7 characters of Nexomon Mod to start the adventure. The game designs an extensive map system, allowing you to freely move to the places you love. That means you are not limited to moving from the system. Your main task is to find strange beasts and capture them. By fighting them in the arena system, victory is attainable. Nexomon beasts will appear in many different locations, you need to explore to have a chance to meet them. For example, the forest, in the forest, or even the deep cave.Ear Nexomon Mod

Diverse animal system

During the search, players will have the opportunity to encounter rare animals. They possess very high abilities and stats, which means that their fighting power is very strong. To be able to move faster, you can use vehicles. But it is not free, but requires you to have enough money to own. In addition, Nexomon Mod provides players with more than 300 unique Nexomon enemies. In particular, each species has its own unique power and is divided into natural elements. Including fire, water, wind, thunder, etc. Along with that, players can upgrade their maximum power. By equipping items, help them increase their strength, such as an attack, defense.Nexomon Mod APK

Develop strength

The animals in Nexomon Mod are divided into many different stages of evolution. Each stage will increase combat power. Higher development corresponds to more power. To do that, however, will require an arduous process. By collecting, tending, and training them from the very beginning. When you have enough strength, you can bring them to participate in the arena. After winning, they will receive experience points to increase to new levels.Download Nexomon Mod

The right strategy

Besides, strategy is a very important factor in the battle, it can directly affect your victory or defeat. So come up with a smart strategy with each level. Arrange powerful beasts in each suitable position, helping you to win easily. Especially Nexomon Mod has turn-based gameplay, helping Nexomon’s attacks achieve the best effect. In addition, players can participate in online battles with many other opponents. At this point, show your animal training talent, by winning the opponent.Game Nexomon Mod

In the game, money is a very important factor that helps you gain power and make trades. So when downloading the Mod version of the Nexomon Mod game, players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, the player can maximize the power of his beast. Or shop for the necessary items to equip them. Besides, Nexomon Mod is designed graphically in 2D. However, the gameplay still provides full details for the player. Attractive effects with the weather, taking place when it’s sunny, rainy, snowy, light, dark Along with the interface is simulated in a realistic way. Combined with fun sound quality, expressed through lively music.

Download Nexomon Mod APK 3.0.1 (Menu, Unlimited boxes, traps)

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