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Transform into the character Born in the journey to find yourself. Nihilumbra Mod takes you on an adventure in the dark. Your mission is to find a way to escape from the world of nothingness before it swallows you whole. Overcome many challenges combining exciting entertainment elements. You will have to face many obstacles and many dangers. The game developed by beautiful Games has an attractive scene style. Keep you entertained with more than 10 hours of free play. Along with a lot of challenges waiting for you to discover, overcome them in turn to win. Simultaneously overcome fear in an arduous journey to enter a new world. Find your own color.

Download Nihilumbra Mod – Adventure In The Dark Land The Void

The content of Nihilumbra Mod revolves around the character Born. Born in a land of nothingness, this place is called The Void. Darkness covered this land with a gloomy space, light could not reach. Born has a strong will to live in a beautiful world. The intense dream in his heart began to urge him to cross the land of darkness. However, The Void has a rule, which is that those born here who intend to escape will be swallowed by darkness. Ignoring all previous rules, Born embarked on a journey to find freedom for himself. Following him is the pursuit of darkness, just stopping will be devoured. At the same time, obstacles will appear on the way, Born needs to find a solution to overcome them.Download Nihilumbra Mod

Find yourself, face many challenges

The gameplay of Nihilumbra Mod has a scene style that combines smart puzzle elements. Throughout the journey to find yourself, you will encounter many challenges. From easy to difficult are mixed together, creating a fascinating adventure. In particular, you cannot stop or rest, because the darkness is following behind. If you let it catch up, you will be swallowed into the darkness, and the game is considered over. Not only that, you will have to face a lot of dangerous obstacles. Sharp thorns were embedded in the cliff. Challenging terrain with towering walls requires your creativity to overcome. Or the appearance of monsters, they will attack when they detect you. If you do not quickly run away or find a way to destroy them, you will have to die in the middle.Game Nihilumbra Mod

Puzzle challenges, increasing difficulty

Throughout the process of playing Nihilumbra Mod, you will have to face many different challenges. Each challenge is a puzzle, requiring puzzle ability and intelligence to overcome. For example how to overcome the high wall ahead. Find a way to destroy the scorpion that is blocking your way. Or skillfully overcome the sharp spikes attached to the wall. And there are many other challenges that, if not focused on or missed, can cost you your life. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually each time you complete a puzzle. Or move on to the next level. Obstacles and challenges will appear more, requiring creative thinking to overcome.Nihilumbra Mod

Change shape, use color to create opportunity

Starting the first level of Nihilumbra Mod your task is to change the shape of yourself. Starting with a circular creature, you need to complete the first level to become a humanoid. Take turns crossing the streets in the dark. The rocks can fall at any moment and the hands of darkness can swallow you whole if you are not careful. Cross the dangerous ice road with the pursuit of darkness behind. You will transform from a creature to a human. Throughout the adventure of finding yourself, you have the opportunity to collect different colors. They will help you create your own opportunities and paths. Each color has a different role like. For example green can help you jump higher or blue can create an ice path.Ear Nihilumbra Mod

The map system of Nihilumbra Mod is extremely impressive. With 5 different worlds, designed as unique hand-painted paintings. Examples include the frost map, the hellfire zone, the dark area, the snowy area, and the ice cellar. Each area offers a variety of challenges for you to explore. In particular, you will experience the feeling of loneliness, being lost in a gloomy world. When there is no companion, everything is up to you to decide. Combined with music composed by Álvaro Lafuente. With monotonous, interrupted sounds, carrying murky melodies. Promising a new adventure, with a desire to find freedom and live in the light.

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