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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Nova Launcher is an application as well as a tool that users can personalize and optimize the interface on their phones. In fact, when we buy a phone, no one is leaving the default interface according to the manufacturer. We all want a fresh interface, unique design, and more beautiful than that. That’s why the publisher TeslaCoil Software has launched a super product that provides users with such great features. Many people feel afraid to change the default interface and fear that the new interface will harm their phone. Not only those thoughts are wrong. Because when changing the interface of the phone completely does not affect the phone at all. Moreover, this application only takes up 5MB. No traffic at all.

Download Nova Launcher Mod – Customize your phone theme

If you do not know anything about changing the interface and theme of your phone, please read this article right away. Nova Launcher Mod gives users an extremely diverse theme store. Users can customize and set any interface they like. Launched only in 2021, but this App has extremely interesting and attractive features for users. This app quickly reached 50 million downloads on mobile. It is really a base on which we can put our trust and use the application without having to worry about anything. Currently, there are many applications that allow users to change the interface, as well as the theme of the phone. However, this App is the most prominent application and the most searched name on mobile. It’s great, isn’t it? So let’s see together what this application has to attract so many downloads.

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Various topics

Each person will have their own preferences and personality. Because the publisher is very focused on the psychology of consumers. So no matter how you like a theme or color, Nova Launcher has it all. Besides, you can also create themes that are all according to your preferences. The special thing that I like the most about this application that other applications do not have is the change of the interface by date and time. night. More specifically, during the day, there will be a different interface as well as a different color. When it’s dark, the night interface will be dynamic and will avoid eye strain, and at the same time save more battery.

Customize and organize your apps

In addition to changing the background image of your phone, you can also customize and organize the applications on your phone into groups by function. For example, you have a group of browser applications such as Chrome, google, Coc Coc…..etc…. Or a group of game applications such as Mobile Union, pubg, an alliance of speed war…etc… This will make your interface neater and more organized, without taking up much space. But the special thing is that those application groups will have different colors and designs to help you distinguish and not be confused.

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Data saving feature

In order to minimize the space of the interface on your phone and can synchronize the features. Then the cloud feature will automatically save the data as well as the skins that you have installed. . So that if you try to use a new phone later, the information and data about your old phone will still be stored on Nova Launcher. Just remember your login account and hit the sync button and it’ll all be back in no time.

Nova Launcher aims to serve and satisfy people’s entertainment needs, giving your phone the best. Lots of amazing and interesting features for you to discover. However, in the regular version, you will be limited to some features. Many features are still locked and to be able to unlock and be able to experience those features. Then force users to spend money to buy. Don’t worry because Nova Launcher Mod will give you all, unlock all features completely free without spending a penny. Please download and experience

Download Nova Launcher Mod APK 7.0.41 (Prime Unlocked)

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