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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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The game industry is growing strongly, with a lot of games of all genres coming out and the ever-growing FPS genre Hot is always being developed by game makers. Among them, the game NOVA Legacy Mod was launched by game developer Gameloft, the developer with many great successes in all kinds of games. This is an action 3D shooter that will give you the feeling of playing, with stunning multifaceted graphics. There are many FPS type shooter games that have been released before, but with this game, it will be completely different from those things, with the characters wearing extremely beautiful armor full of technology, very similar to robots, the game will not boring that will satisfy your gaming entertainment needs.

Download NOVA Legacy Mod – Legendary resurrection

NOVA Legacy Mod is set in a war in a large space, shooting with the character we control is a special forces soldier, who has experience in commanding NOVA’s Kal Wardin, dressed up. special tech armor against the Colonial bad guys, an evil and powerful team that fights them against the possibility of us losing.

At that time we need someone with high combat experience with bravery apart from Kal Wardin who is no longer responsible and deserving. With a partner, Yelena artificial intelligence will support to be able to help with equipment or also with appropriate weapons, high technology to be able to destroy the enemy. If you fail your mission, maybe the world will perish and have secrets behind it or not, you must wait for your help to learn.Game NOVA Legacy Mod

Experience the gameplay

No longer the usual guns like many other shooters, now with the NOVA Legacy Mod you will use technologies designed according to the weapons that are likely to appear in the future, the guns of great damage. no longer uses iron bullets, but uses Plasma energy to shoot energy beams to destroy enemies. Use the spoils obtained after battles to upgrade your weapons and equipment to be more powerful and destroy bad guys. And the appearance design, the outfit is also very modern, you look beautiful in those designed outfits.

The controls are quite simple

Like other FPS shooters, Hack NOVA Legacy will have the character control to move to the left to move and right to shoot the target, or you can adjust the firing buttons to suit you for easy combat. match. With just a few clicks of the button you can use, what you need is your skills, try to practice to become stronger to destroy the enemy who knows the secrets afterward. Please note that you must continuously cultivate and learn to continuously develop and become more skilled than ever.NOVA Legacy Mod

Interesting mode

The game is not only played when connected to the network to play with all the friends in the world but also can be played Offline, without any restrictions, with many different missions, equipped as well as playing Online. so that you can practice your skills and of course you have to destroy all enemies to win and protect the earth. Death Match, a group of 4 vs 4 shooting war mode that works together to destroy the enemy team to become the strongest team to win.

Graphics, sound

The game’s graphics are very outstanding compared to the FPS games you know, with many pre-released versions but the NOVA Legacy Mod will be something very different that will make a strong impression on you. With the 3D design, the most realistic image, depicting battles, looks, and maps. With very modern designed weapons will give you the feeling that they are the weapons of the future that we have not yet touched. Sound is also added to increase the splendor of the battles, interesting music to add more appeal to the game.

When you enter the NOVA Legacy Mod game, you will have yourself an amount of Gold and Trilithium can not use up it becomes Unlimited Money. You can enter the store to buy the most suitable equipment and upgrade them to the highest level so you can easily win without having to pay attention to the meager amount received after each battle, and must It takes a long time to buy equipment. Download this version quickly and it will not make you disappointed.

Download NOVA Legacy Mod APK 5.8.3c (Unlimited Money)

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