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Publisher Birdy Dog Studio offers players Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod game. Belongs to the simulation game genre, built based on survival gameplay. Players will play the role of a man lost on a deserted island. Find ways to survive and protect yourself from zombies. The harsh natural environment, as well as the danger around, can cost you your life. In all situations be very careful, observe everything. Pay attention to the anomalies around, and handle unexpected situations. Built on an open world, with a large space. Players can freely move on the island, going to many different locations. You can do whatever you want, but be sure to find and collect food. Because those are the things that keep you alive.

Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod – Survival on a Deserted Island in the Ocean

Background of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod opens on a deserted island. There seems to be no human life here. Wild natural scenery, giving you a sense of peace. However, behind the beauty of such a beautiful scene. There is always danger from the surroundings. Extreme weather, especially the appearance of zombies. You are the only man alive on the island. Due to an unexpected incident, you got lost here. Starting your adventure on the island, you will have to perform many different tasks to survive. Use your skills, find ways to maintain life. At the same time, explore the deserted island to find out the reason why it is devoid of human life.Ocean Is Home Survival Island Mod

Looking for food and water

To survive on the deserted island of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod. Players will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Starting from gathering resources, looking for food and water to sustain life. Throughout your adventure on the deserted island, you need to monitor your health. When the health index drops a lot, quickly use food and water to restore health. From there, you can continue your life on the deserted island.Game Ocean Is Home Survival Island Mod

Collect materials to make weapons

Besides gathering food, crafting weapons is also very important. At the island of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod, there are many different materials for you to collect. From there, you can craft weapons for hunting. At the same time can protect yourself from dangers. Lots of different weapons for you to craft and use. Including axes, hammers, bows, even guns. Each weapon is used on many different missions. Depending on the activity you perform, using the right weapon helps you to be more effective. For example, use an ax to cut down trees, use a hammer to smash rocks, or hunt animals with a bow and arrow. Knowing how to use each weapon in the process of survival will make all your activities easier.Download Ocean Is Home Survival Island Mod

Fight with zombies

On the deserted island of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod. Not only facing the harshness of the surrounding environment. Players also have to fight zombies to protect their lives. They are everywhere, appearing out of nowhere. Will rush to attack you. You need to quickly use weapons to kill zombies before becoming food for them. Using a built gun will make it easy to take down zombies.

Build a base

Building a base is one of the tasks you need to do in Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod. Collect resources such as wood and stone by cutting down big trees and smashing big rocks. Then you move back to your base location. Start the process of building a camp to have a place to rest after a long day of hard work. Search for materials and build little by little, you will surely complete a solid camp. Besides, the camp also helps you protect yourself from the attack of zombies. Or can avoid the cold weather when night falls.Tai Ocean Is Home Survival Island Mod

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Mod provides two main types of vehicles including cars and canoes. Using a car, you can drive on the wide roads of the deserted island. Overcoming steep hilly terrain. Or move to the desired location faster, not spending much time. Besides, using a canoe helps you surf the waves on the sea. Explore the surrounding uninhabited islands. Especially, no matter what vehicle is used. The steering system is reproduced very realistically, from the perspective of the cockpit. Makes you feel like you are driving a real car. Also, use vehicles that help you move faster.

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