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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Offroad Chronicles Mod is a simulation game published by Ludos Game. Bringing realistic driving style, bringing players into extremely interesting experiences. Here you will control the car over the mountains with high slopes. Transport trees on slippery terrain. And explore many different lands. Currently, the game is free to download on the Google Play app. Realistic simulation gameplay will bring unforgettable fascinating adventures. The game has attracted a large number of participants. Especially the unlimited money Mod feature will help you play the game more easily.

Download Offroad Chronicles Mod – Offroad Driving On Snow

The setting takes place on a frozen land in Antarctica. Where snow covers the ground all year round, with a cold that cuts through the flesh. To live here is an extremely difficult challenge. Along with that, moving on slippery roads is not easy at all. Inspired by cars, daily commuting on rough terrain on ice and snow. The developer created the Offroad Chronicles Mod game. So that players can enjoy the most realistic environment, where the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius all year round. Accompanying you are Offroad vehicles dating back half a century. With a powerful engine block and off-road tires, it can move through any road.Offroad Chronicles Mod

Control mechanism

When you first enter the game, the system will guide you in the most detail about how to play the game. The control system of Offroad Chronicles Mod is quite simple. The left corner of the screen, showing two virtual keys. Used to navigate left and right turns. The right corner of the screen, showing two icons. Symbolizes the brake and accelerator, helping the player to increase and decrease the speed of the vehicle. Along with that, the screen shows the gear icon. This is a very important factor, helping you to operate the vehicle moving in the snow and ice environment. The gearbox is divided into two fast and slow bridges. Players need to press and hold to change the gearbox to match the current terrain of the vehicle going. For example, on high slopes, you need to move the gear lever to the right and push up to cross the slow bridge. Help the vehicle move uphill safely.Download Offroad Chronicles Mod

Driving skills

After completing the first level, Offroad Chronicles Mod will give you the UZ-452 truck. Owning a 2.2 Petrol V6 engine will help you move through the snowy roads. Your task is to carry the pile of wood to the required location. In the process of moving there will be many obstacles and difficulties. Requires players to have proficient driving skills and the ability to handle situations. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually each time you step to the next level. At that time, the journey will be longer and the terrain is much more dangerous. In addition, the first angle will give you an extremely realistic feeling. That’s when the character gets off the car, you will feel the dense snow and ice, and the tire tracks are printed on the road.Ear Offroad Chronicles Mod

Vehicle system

Each level will have a maximum of 3 stars. After completing the mission, you will receive the number of stars corresponding to the achievement achieved. Then Offroad Chronicles Mod will be based on the number of stars to give the corresponding bonus. Besides the game provides you with a diverse vehicle system. Including UZ 452, UZ 453, GZ 66, ZL 135, MZ 537. Each car has different specifications, along with powerful performance. However, players cannot use them for free. Instead, you have to spend a corresponding amount of money to be able to unlock it. For example, the car MZ 537, owns a 5.0 V12 engine using Diesel fuel with 450 horsepower. It will be a powerful machine to overcome all the difficult terrain on the snowy mountain. Also, you can customize the exterior of the car, like the tires and wheels.Game Offroad Chronicles Mod

Money is a very important element in Offroad Chronicles because it helps you make different transactions. Using that money, players can unlock all the cars they love. In addition, Offroad Chronicles Mod is designed with realistic 3D graphics. The setting takes place in a cold land, covered with snow all year round. The image quality is well-groomed, you can see it through the tire tracks printed in the snow. Or the exhaust emits smoke every time the car enters high rpm to go uphill. The interface of the game has many bright colors, with interesting snow effects. The shape of the cars is extremely realistic, players can see every angle in the most detail. Combined with the sound quality is expressed through the explosion of the car engine.

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