Otherworld Legends Mod APK 1.9.3 (Menu, Shopping, Unlimited Gems)

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Update October 12, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Lots of gems to spend


  • You can buy things with coins, even if you don’t have enough of them;
  • Free purchases with real money:
  • Select products of interest;
  • Click on the buy button (the price should be written on it, otherwise start the game with the Internet and go to your phone settings in the Google account, if it is not there);
  • After the window with the billing error appears (it should be written This version of the application does not support working with the payment system) close it;
  • Item has been purchased successfully.


  • Menu mod:
  • Unlocked all characters
  • Unlocked all skills
  • Club membership activated
  • With a choice:
  • No skill CD
  • Unlimited gems, sapphires, rubies, weapon boosters and reborn cards



Otherworld Legends is an action role-playing game where a superhero fights against the forces of darkness. This game has been around for a long time and has very old age and has been warmly supported by the gaming community since its launch. This game has pretty special gameplay. It’s not too difficult for players to approach, but it’s also not simple at all. And at the same time, the special features included in this game also give players a really interesting and exciting experience. The character system in the game is extremely diverse. Whether you are male or female, you can easily choose the champions you like. At the same time, there are also many tough and fierce battles.

Download Otherworld Legends Mod – Transform into a hero to save the world

Otherworld Legends Mod throws you into a world where the evil forces of Asurendra are rampant. He is plotting world domination and global hegemony. He has been constantly recruiting talented generals everywhere to serve his plot. You are one of those heroes and you are on the side of justice. Your task when participating in the game is to destroy the enemy and bring light back to humanity. Be careful with monsters and pitfalls. They are located everywhere and you can meet them at any time. Use your wits and analytical abilities to overcome the pitfalls with ease. Download this gameplay right away and fight with admin right away.

Otherworld Legends mod

Diverse champion system

Many generals for you to choose from to participate in the battle. Each character has a power as well as a unique trait. Therefore, you should learn and understand the skills and play of each character to have attractive moves. When encountering strong enemies, use the generals that you are most proficient with. And especially practice with them a lot. Never feel good about yourself and stop learning. Because you probably know one thing that. The higher the mountain, the higher the mountain. Try to learn from the experience of other players so that you can become a talented hero. You can choose warriors, ninjas, knights, …..etc….depending on your preferences. And don’t forget to upgrade and equip your champion to increase your strength and defense.

Various items

Hack Otherworld Legends has more than 90 different types of items to serve your battle. Items are sold in the shop with prices from low to high for you to choose from. You get what you pay for, so don’t waste your money without buying high-priced items. Let’s learn about the features and characteristics of each type to be able to use them properly and make the most of them. You can choose iron armor, iron gloves, iron helmets, iron shoes. It’s a very good set of equipment and the price is also very reasonable to be able to fight. Gradually, when you have more money, you can change to other equipment.

Game Otherworld Legends mod


This game is run on a 16-bit graphics platform, but we know this graphics background is quite weak and nothing special. But I am sure of one thing that when you experience this game then think about it. Yours will disappear completely. A completely outstanding change and development compared to other games of the game publisher certainly surprised many players. And this is also one of the points that this game is loved and supported by everyone. The visual details in the game are designed in a combination of classic and modern styles. The movement of the game is also extremely smooth for players to experience extremely interesting and attractive.

Otherworld Legends gives players great experiences and things that other games can’t do. And you can fight the game with your friends in your spare time, which is extremely interesting. But my friend, because in the normal version, the game’s character system is very diverse, but you need money to buy them. And when you first enter the game, the amount of money you have is not too much. Leads to less than perfect experiences. So hurry up and download the Otherworld Legends Mod version to your device and you will be able to do whatever you like. Your battles will be a lot easier.

Download Otherworld Legends Mod APK 1.9.3 (Menu, Shopping, Unlimited Gems)

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