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Update October 23, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Outlander: Fantasy Survival takes players into the world of fantasy survival. But equally attractive, interesting as in real life. Starting the journey, you will play the role of a tall, strong young man. Strong body, boundless health. But unfortunately, he was hypnotized by monsters, sent to the afterlife of the earth. This place has no houses, vehicles, machines, etc. The scenery around you is just trees, flowers, etc. Just like other survival games. Players will have nothing in their hands. Search for items, food, materials to make weapons, etc. The principle of survival games is to collect all the items that can be used. Because the journey back to the real world is extremely arduous and difficult. Need to fully prepare luggage, ready to participate in combat,

Download Outlander: Fantasy Survival Mod – Survival on a deserted island

On this island, although there is not a single person, the resources are endless. A lot of valuable and essential items such as Wood, stone to make the ax. Food variety such as apples, watermelons, coconuts, etc… You can collect them all easily. Outlander: Fantasy Survival Mod is a bit different from other games of the same genre. You will not confront other players or survive to destroy zombies and monsters. Gameplay has troll situations, comedy, etc… Especially to mention the appearance of strange creatures on this deserted island. They have a very unique appearance, easy to identify. But that’s not fun, it’s the enemy you need to destroy. The tourists who come here are caught and eaten by them. This time there are a few people who are blinded under the trees, surrounded by monsters guarding. Your first task when you first enter the game is to find a way to rescue those people. Plan, craft weapons, and prepare enough food for this journey.

Outlander Fantasy Survival mod apk

Collect items and craft weapons

For survival games, collecting items is extremely important and indispensable. You can see the basic materials and weapons appear on the map. Collect them all, don’t miss a single one. Learn how to use and function each type before starting the match. The first thing that is extremely important is to create weapons to kill wild animals as a food source. In addition to the function to help you earn food. The ax also has the ability to attack and destroy monsters. When defeating enemies, you will see on the drop a lot of valuable items such as Knives, lighters, blood, food, armor, hats, etc…… These are all extremely important things. important, necessary for your survival journey. Collect them all, don’t miss a thing.

Game Outlander Fantasy Survival mod

Looking for teammates

Although it is impossible to fight with other players. But you have teammates who are being captured by monsters. Let’s rescue them to get more allies, strengthen the fighting force. Your teammates have a rather strange design. Very long fangs, unique hairstyle, colorful. The costumes look like the aboriginal people that existed in the primeval times. However, they have the power, the ability to attack to help you defeat the monster. At the same time, giving instructions, acting as a mentor for you to conquer challenges more easily. Take your teammates with you on every journey. Try to rescue as many people as possible. Defeating and defeating monsters will become much simpler and easier.

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Customize graphics and sound

Graphics and sounds of the game you can customize directly in the game. However, the highest level of graphics you can install only stops at 2D. The colors and images in the game are not really sharp like today’s survival games. To customize the graphics, click on the settings icon in the right corner of the screen. Then 3 graphic levels corresponding to Low, medium, and high for you to choose. Music is the sound in the game, sounds like: Collecting weapons, sounds of monsters, cutting trees, etc. Sound is the background music of the game. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off easily with just 1 click.

Outlander Fantasy Survival mod apk

Experience a whole new survival life with classic style 2D graphics. Try to survive, rescue your teammates. They will show you how to get back to the real world. When the character goes to a higher level, it means that the challenges in each level will be much more difficult. Upgrade, equip with important items to be able to survive in the harsh environment. Download Outlander: Fantasy SurvivalMod journey back to the human world.

Download Outlander: Fantasy Survival Mod APK 6.8 (Dumb Enemy)

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