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Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)

Inspired by street parkour, developer Akadem offers players Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. This is a simulation game, with extremely attractive gameplay. You become a character in the game, taking their name to participate in the street races. Compete with other parkour players. The race was extremely dynamic and exciting. You show your parkour skills to overcome all obstacles. Perform the ultimate parkour action and rush to the finish line. With the goal of becoming a parkour master, being respected by all other players. The game gives you interesting entertainment times. With many opportunities to experience the street and different environments. At the same time practice parkour skills more and more flexible.

Download Parkour Simulator 3D Mod – Participate in Races with Ultimate Parkour Skills

The gameplay of Parkour Simulator 3D Mod is quite simple. Take place in the style of racing combined with exciting obstacles. Once the level starts, the character continuously runs forward. Your task is to move flexibly to avoid obstacles. Perform difficult parkour skills to get a high score. You will receive gold coins every time you successfully overcome an obstacle. At the same time, the number of points achieved also increases. Or you can choose to run in a straight line and not do parkour to pass. That’s safe, but you don’t get gold coins. The race only ends until you reach the finish line or fall more than 3 times due to hitting an obstacle. After reaching the finish line, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement achieved in the race. Also won the Gold Cup.Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Attractive gameplay

Parkour skills are one of the most important factors when participating in Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. Requires the player’s ability to observe and react quickly. Pass each obstacle in turn or dodge flexibly. Safely reaching the finish line with a high score will help you get a lot of attractive rewards. Each race takes place, you have a maximum of 3 lives. Each time you collide with an obstacle, you will lose one life. Besides the races compete with other players. Sometimes you have to participate alone in races with limited visibility. With a lot of difficulties and obstacles appearing unexpectedly, making it very easy to crash.Dowload Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

The control mechanism, flexible combination of operations

Start entering the first race of Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. You are guided in detail on how to perform parkour skills. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, roll. Combine swiping to the sides to switch the running path for the character. In general, the control mechanism of the game is not complicated to implement. However, the most difficult thing is the flexible combination of operations. In it, the jumping and sliding parkour skills will help you gain points when overcoming obstacles. And the ability to change the running path only helps you avoid obstacles. But can’t get the score. Therefore, improve your control skills through the races you have participated in. That helps you to achieve better results for the next races.Game Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Parkour mode and free mode

Parkour Simulator 3D Mod gives players 2 main modes including parkour and freedom. For parkour mode, you enter races with other opponents. Compete with them by demonstrating skills to overcome obstacles. Win by reaching the finish line fastest. At the same time achieve higher than them through the number of points achieved. When participating in free mode. You have no competitors, you are just racing alone. The obstacles appear more, as well as the running speed is very fast. Make you focus on observing and moving quickly. Just small negligence or loss of concentration will cost you your life.Tai Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Participate in parkour races of Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. Not only do you get to perform top-notch parkour skills. But also have the opportunity to explore many different places. Including in the city, out in the harbor, in the dark cellars, on the rooftops of tall buildings. And there are many more places waiting for you to explore. Each location appears many different obstacles. For example, in the city, you will have to jump over the wooden boards, avoiding the crates. Or roll over the iron bars hanging in the air. Overcome each obstacle in turn and reach the finish line fastest. Combined with realistic sounds through the actions of the characters. Along with the vibrant background music performed throughout the race.

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