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Update October 17, 2021 (2 years ago)

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter has a classic hack-and-slash fighting style. With fast-paced, epic scale, breathtaking. The gameplay is set in a distant medieval kingdom. Immersed in the tragedy of pain by the confinement of the dark forces. Human life is increasingly being eroded to a bare minimum. Monsters are constantly growing, overbearing, crazy killing people. Here you will play an outstanding intelligent warrior, possessing special powers. The kingdom’s only hoped right now. Willing to stand up to fight, bring a free and happy life to mankind. It is known that the dark dungeons deep in the ground are the cultivation places of the enemy. Be equipped with weapons, full armor ready to conquer the dangerous journey. Go straight to the graveyard, beat the monsters to shreds without a trace. Doing this is indeed not easy at all because the enemy is extremely powerful. Therefore, it is necessary to create smart and reasonable strategies. Know how to think carefully before acting, take advantage of every opportunity to attack and defeat them in the blink of an eye.

Download Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Mod – Adventure to a magical land, fight monsters

The important thing you need to do in Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Mod is to continuously slash and kill. Trying to kill as many monsters will benefit the next battles. Players use virtual keys on the screen to control the character everywhere. Enemies always appear suddenly in the alley, in the dark. When moving, always have to focus high, observe the surroundings, judge the danger ahead. To promptly dodge enemy damage and come up with a clever way to handle inadequacies. For the elves, it only takes one slash to knock them down. However, the terrible boss is not easy to defeat. So let’s collect a lot of items along the way to help increase physical strength, damage index, resistance, etc. Combined with smart tactics, Take advantage of his weakness and deliver a fatal blow that knocks him down quickly. Practice regularly to master the character control, promote creativity in fighting. And improve skills, combat experience.

Path of Evil Immortal Hunter mod

Character system

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Mod brings dozens of talented heroes for you to choose from. Each person has their own forte, skills, and attacks. Depending on the battle situation and the strength of the enemy, choose the right character for you. For example Evil Druid, Amazon, Sacred, Paladin, Sorceress, etc… Especially when your warrior completes difficult copies, his strength will be upgraded to the ultimate level. And the advanced abilities are unlocked one by one. Can create: Blizzard of divinity, immortal blizzard, shock blizzard, fireball, etc…

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Various equipment

Confronting powerful enemies, players need to fully equip the character with everything. The system will provide melee and ranged weapons to help you change the way you fight flexibly. For example Steel Ax, Fire Steel Sword, Wooden Wand, Poison steel, Archery, Guns, etc… All are designed with high destructive power that makes enemies fall quickly. Besides, the body protection items are also very diverse such as Arcanna Shoulder, Fiery Chest, Fiery Gloves, Helmet, etc. These are things that help players reduce enemy damage, improve survivability.

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Fierce battles

At the beginning of the battle with a few minions, the weak mobile skeleton is what stands in the way of your path. Defeating them is extremely easy, with just a simple operation, a few seconds later they will all fit on the ground. However, the deeper you go into the dungeon, the more formidable and dangerous the monster becomes. Especially the big boss possessing unimaginable power. They will attack the warrior continuously, rushing. This is a playground for the strong, so you have to know how to take advantage of every opportunity to get the upper hand right from the start. Continuously launched a series of powerful and unique moves that stunned the enemy. Simultaneously move the character flexibly to avoid damage. Prove that you are their nemesis.

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Graphics and sound

The fierce nature of the battle is evident in the crisp, smooth footage. Gameplay built on quality 3D graphics. Vivid images, harmonious color coordination. The character movements are also carefully cared for, accompanied by flashy effects. Help players feel more realistic. Diverse battle locations with mysterious space, stimulating your curiosity. High-quality sound, help you feel every sound in the gameplay. Dramatic, vibrant background music brings moments of great experience to players.

You will be immersed in fierce battles between humans and monsters when coming to Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter. Helps relieve anger and stress after a busy working day. Get a chance to experience the dangerous, harsh fighting life of the hero. Gameplay brings easy-to-understand gameplay, lowest optimized graphics. Make it quickly accessible to everyone. Download Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Mod uses special powers combined with top combat skills to perform great missions. Destroy all monsters, overthrow the forces of darkness.

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