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Pirates Outlaws Mod is a pirate game. Open battles between pirates on many vast seas. Role-playing as a pirate, you will have to participate in turn-based battles. With the task of conquering the seas to expand the territory. By defeating the pirates who govern the seas. This is a game of the Roguelike card game genre. Powered by Fabled Game with a lot of attractive features. From diverse game modes, simple graphics, to unique combat environments. Along with the system of characters, cards, and enemies, you will encounter in the adventure. Everything that happens will give you the feeling of an adventure at sea. With so many challenges to conquer. Help you immerse yourself in the dramatic and exciting pirate battles.

Download Pirates Outlaws Mod – Conquer the Seas Through Pirate Battles

Pirates Outlaws Mod opens a lot of vast seas. Each sea has many battles for you to participate in. With increasing levels of play. Defeat the enemy in each level in turn, you will continue to the next level. Facing stronger pirates, superior combat ability. After winning brilliantly in pirate battles. Conquer the whole challenge in one sea. You will continue to explore new seas, increasing difficulty, more danger. Parallel to the difficulty of the task. The rewards you receive also correspond to the challenge, along with the achievements. More than that, go through the wars, to a certain level. You also have the opportunity to receive treasure, the opening will be a lot of gold coins.Tai Pirates Outlaws Mod

Gameplay, battle process, choosing the right cards

The gameplay of Pirates Outlaws Mod is turn-based. During the war with pirates. Every time it’s your turn to attack, the system will randomly select 5 cards. Based on the number of cards you have in the total deck of the system. Your task is to choose each card to use. Can attack or defend, depending on your tactics. At the same time, the number of turns you can use the card in each turn is also based on how you play. Along with the card type appears. Possibly through the number of yellow circles, shown below the character. From there, you will know how many cards are left in an attack. To be able to defeat the enemy, you need to use the cards wisely. Observe the 5 randomly selected cards of each turn, then use them effectively.Game Pirates Outlaws Mod

During each attack turn, turn can be skipped

In each attack takes place in the wars of Pirates Outlaws Mod. The energy to use each card is not the same. Of those 5 random cards, there are cards that don’t consume mana. But it is possible that the card consumes 1 or 2 mana. Therefore, you need to calculate the most appropriate way to be able to use all the cards. Not stopping there, sometimes additional cards will appear. Allows you to add turns to attack the enemy. Not stopping there, every 2 attacks. Your deck will be randomly assigned. Make the next attack more powerful cards appear. Can deal massive damage to enemies. Sometimes attacking is not the best way. You can choose to discard the turn after using the appropriate card. For example, using a defensive card helps you not to take much damage from the next attack of the enemy.Pirates Outlaws Mod

Game mode

The game offers 3 main game modes including navigation mode, hard mode, and hard mode. Each mode in Pirates Outlaws Mod is designed with its own gameplay and rules. The conditions and requirements given in each mode are not the same. But it will certainly open up exciting turn-based card battles. Coming to the navigation mode, you will have to overcome a lot of challenges. After the battles are won, the reputation will be increased. When reputation reaches 9999, the system will unlock hard mode. Or you can engage in difficulty mode to explore by chapters.Download Pirates Outlaws Mod

Pirates Outlaws Mod provides 15 pirates for you to role-play. Each pirate has an impressive appearance style. Along with the unique combat ability will be shown through the cards. What’s more, more than 500 cards and 160 relics you can collect from battles. Each card has its own ability, which is shown by the displayed images. Divided into forms such as an attack, defense, and extra turns. After collecting the cards, you can go further in your sea journey. Fight more than 100 pirates, plus 50 bosses appear in the adventure. After defeating all enemies, overcome all challenges at sea. Conquer the vast seas. You will become a great pirate.

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