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Pixel Combat Mod opens wars in an exciting 3D Pixel space. The game belongs to the genre of action games, with a shooting style. Transform into an excellent gunman, belonging to the anti-Zombie war force. Your mission is to destroy the zombies that are destroying the world. Challenge yourself in dangerous missions. Complete the challenge of a professional shooter. Here, the game is used a first-person perspective. Make your battle more exciting than ever. The same activities that take place in the war. Or when doing something extremely flexible. This will be a very fierce zombie war. Therefore, before protecting the world, you will have to learn how to survive. Know how to protect yourself against the siege and attack of bloodthirsty Zombies.

Download Pixel Combat Mod – 3D Pixel Space Zombie War

The graphics of Pixel Combat Mod are designed in a vivid Pixel 3D style. The environment and map are designed very nicely. With a variety of bright colors, combine sharp image quality. Along with impressive effects during the conflicts between you and zombies. For example, when using a gun to attack, as soon as the bullet is fired, it will create a unique effect at the tip of the gun. Besides, the character creation is designed like in Minecraft. With a unique appearance in many different fashion styles. Combining vibrant sound, expressed through gunfire, moving action. Depending on the activity taking place, the sound will be changed accordingly. Promises to bring you more exciting and impressive battles than ever.Dowload Pixel Combat Mod


The background of Pixel Combat Mod opens in a large house. This place has a lot of activities going on, you have the opportunity to meet other NPC characters. Move into the space door to enter a battlefield. Face the zombies that appear everywhere. They attack survivors in large locations. Your mission is to survive in an environment full of dangers. For the purpose of rescuing people who are being chased by zombies. Use weapons to attack. Take turns killing zombies in dangerous missions. Rescue everyone successfully, complete the mission in the best way. At the same time through fighting the zombies. Every time you kill an enemy, you will receive a lot of bonuses.Ear Pixel Combat Mod

Style play

The battle in Pixel Combat Mod takes place in real-time. Before you start fighting, you need to reload the guns. By using money to buy ammo inside the shop. Meet NPC characters to make deals. Start the fight, after a short amount of time. Zombies will appear unexpectedly, they are everywhere on the battlefield. You need to move constantly to see the situation unfold. As soon as zombies appear, quickly use weapons to attack them. After defeating all zombies, you will complete the mission. Return to the main house to perform activities and prepare for a new battle.Pixel Combat Mod

Use a variety of weapons, first aid boxes

During the battle at Pixel Combat Mod. You can bring a variety of weapons to fight zombies. Can be changed flexibly, depending on the battle situation. You can choose one of the guns to carry. Attack zombies and knock them down quickly to continue fighting with other zombies. However, you need to be aware of the number of ammo of each gun, there is a limit. Use it efficiently, don’t waste it, and shoot accurately to save ammunition. Besides, using the first aid box when needed will help you recover a certain amount of blood. You can even recover full health when using multiple first aid boxes at the same time.

Weapon system

The game offers a lot of different weapons for you to use. Typical are rifles, shotguns, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, even baseball bats and axes. Each weapon in Pixel Combat Mod can deal massive amounts of damage. With different usage styles. Use coins to buy favorite guns in the shop. Then bring into battle to destroy zombies.Game Pixel Combat Mod

Coming to Pixel Combat Mod you will have to face a lot of different Zombies. Typically like zombie ninja, people, army soldiers, repairmen, etc. Each zombie has its own damage tolerance. If you want to destroy them, you need to use the right weapon. Not only fighting with ordinary zombies, in some battles, but you will also have to face bosses. Is a Zombie boss possessing special abilities? Has strong defense, as well as huge damage. Can withstand multiple attacks from you. If you want to win, you need to use all the weapons you bring. Attack continuously to destroy the scary boss.

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