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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Is it an interesting entertainment game for you this summer? Pixel Rush Mod is a quick entertainment game that can help you dispel the fatigue of work. With flexible gameplay and diverse maps. You will control your character to overcome all obstacles to successfully reach the finish line. The game was created by the famous game maker SayGames. Known as the company that produces extremely expensive games. The game direction that the company aims to create is offline games. With simple gameplay and graphics, it is addictive for gamers. The game is now available on mobile OS stores.

Download Pixel Rush Mod – Obstacle Race

It’s not too difficult for you to get used to the rules of the game. Pixel Rush Mod is a very easy-to-understand game for all ages. Follow the instructions and join the first races and you will be able to adapt to the gameplay. The general purpose of the games that this company makes is towards one purpose. Is easily accessible to all existing users. So the size of the game is not high. You can play games smoothly on most phones. Of course, you will be able to download and play for free. No need to spend any money. Off-road racing is not easy with countless different maps waiting for you. Download the game now to challenge yourself through the journey.

Download Pixel Rush Mod

Obstructive terrain

When participating in the game Pixel Rush Mod you will control the character made of bricks. This character is the publisher’s creation to match the edible items on the race. On the race to the finish line, there are countless different obstacles. Thorns, black holes, laser lights… and countless other things are hindering your journey. Get over them as carefully as possible. If you trip over those things, you will lose part of your body made of bricks. You can continue to move with a part as the head or legs of the character, as long as it is not completely lost. Please reload bricks for your body. Eat the bricks that are scattered all over the way. You will be refunded a lost body part when eating them.

Ear Pixel Rush Mod

Attractive outfit

Along the way of Pixel Rush Mod, there are always resources for you to collect. The diamonds always appear a lot on the map. But eat them as safely as possible. It will not be a bargain when you trade a part of your body to eat them. Diamonds in this game are very helpful for you to change your appearance. You need a certain amount of diamonds to unlock any skins. If the costumes don’t satisfy you, open more gift boxes to find other things. So diamonds are never enough for you to use. So please be patient to eat diamonds through each of your journeys. You can also get a mysterious gift box filled with precious things. When completing the race, the body is still 100% intact.

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Graphics and sounds of the game

Fast and useful entertainment games on the current market. Not too focused on the visuals of the game. In other words, always do it in a particular way, towards minimalism. Pixel Rush Mod is not too picky and colorful on the game maker’s designs. You will see a background with simple colors. The obstacles are also made in angular shape. The game does not invest too much in images and graphics to give players a low capacity. But that doesn’t mean the game is boring. Reality is very attractive and addictive for users with interesting gameplay. The sound of the game is also made in a playful way. Dynamic music changes according to your every action. Gives you the energy you need for a long tiring day.

Pixel Rush Mod

You will get a very useful feature when you download the Pixel Rush game Mod version. In this game, if you want beautiful outfits that match your style. You will need a lot of diamonds to open the gift box. But to accumulate diamonds through each race for you is a wait and perseverance. With the feature of infinite stars this Mod version brings. Will help you a lot in the process of shopping for costumes. You will have an unlimited amount of stars, free for you to use. You don’t have to worry about the number of stars you own. Feel free to open gift boxes until you find your favorite outfit

Download Pixel Rush Mod APK 1.5.1 (Free Upgrade)

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