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Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod simulates a huge world. With mines out on an island. Here will take place survival activities between you and other players. Along with the appearance of monsters. Your mission is not only fighting in freestyle battles. But also to build farms, raise animals and take care of crops. Also collect treasures in mysterious, unexplored locations. This is a graphic-designed game on the classic Pixel platform. So the image quality is not as realistic and vivid as other games. But the gameplay is designed to be extensive, with free activities you can perform. Can explore everything, move anywhere to search and collect materials.

Download Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod – Survival On The Big Island

Similar to other survival games. Your mission in Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod survives on a vast island. At first, you will have to search and gather resources on the island. Move across locations to collect wood, stone, and other items and resources. Using tools in hand, smash big rocks, cut big trees in the forest. Pick up items that appear on the road. At the same time collect plants to prepare to build a farm. Here, the task will take place on a daily basis. With a bunch of different jobs to do. Once completed, you will continue to start the new day’s quest. With the increased amount of work, you have to work harder. There may even be dangers in the course of the mission.Download Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod

Day and night environment

The day and night environment at Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod will be changed over time in the game. Nighttime is when you should be most alert. Because vision is reduced, it is difficult to see everything around. Could be in danger at any time. Because when the night falls, it is also the time of the ghosts to appear. Or the robbers started operating. To be able to survive this perilous time. You need to light torches around the base for illumination. Also, use the resources earned to build fences. Prevent them from attacking, can protect yourself. Time every day, not just night, is a dangerous time. But during the day you also have to face a lot of monsters. They appear during your quest.Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod

Monitor health and blood index

To be able to work hard, as well as be more efficient in Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod. You need to monitor your health, through the Hunger stat bar. Health stats will decrease each time you work or move on the island. After the health stat is reduced by about half. You should use food to increase your health, can continue to work. Whether day or night, you can work. However, avoid the situation where health is exhausted. That will make the character unable to work or move anywhere. Besides, you also need to increase your health every time it is reduced. Experiencing battles with monsters during the quest. Or fight other players on the island. After the health drops, quickly use the health potion to recover. From there you can continue to fight.Game Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod

Build and protect the farm

To build a farm of your own at Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod. You need to do a lot of different jobs. Select a large area to start reclaiming. Plant the collected food plants in the plots. At the same time build a separate area for raising animals. Use harvested wood resources to build fences around. Create private land on the island. Parallel to the construction of the farm. You need to craft weapons, equip a diverse weapon system. Prepare for farm defense wars. Enemies can appear at any time, with the intention of stealing resources on the farm. Not only other players, but even monsters sought to attack. At this point, you need to fight to protect your farm.Ear Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod

At Pixel Survival Game 3 Mod you can also ride a horse to move on the island. You can explore many different places with your pet. What’s more, you can invite your friends to join the adventure. Through the survival mode, fight the monsters together. Become the rulers of the vast island. Or engage in competitive battles for treasure. Through Arena mode to fight other players. More dramatic when participating in PvP online mode. You will have to fight to save your life. Because only by defeating the enemy with the weapon in hand, can you protect yourself.

Download Pixel Survival Game 3 APK 1.25

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