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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Raising small animals is no longer difficult for every player in the world. But when you come to Pixie the Pony, you will experience taking care of large animals, namely horses. Gameplay brings new and unique things compared to previous games of the same genre. Here the player will have to raise the horses. Let them participate in activities organized by the system. When you win, you will receive countless bonuses. It will not be too difficult because the horse is a very active and active animal. If trained properly, they will certainly be very obedient and obediently follow instructions. The most important thing is to take care of your health. Every day, you will have to repeat tasks such as bathing, feeding, trimming nails and feathers, etc. In addition, prepare a nice and clean place for them. Renovate and clean it every day so your horse doesn’t feel uncomfortable. They are like our companions along the way. So take care and treat the horses well.

Download Pixie the Pony – Accompany your friend

If you have ever dreamed of having a powerful white or black horse but have not been able to do it. When it comes to Pixie the Pony Mod, it’s really easy. When starting the game, the system will let players choose the appearance and color of the horse to their liking. There are many different species in the collection. Choose your favorite style and start your journey right away. In the beginning, they were very small. After a period of being taken care of by you, through each level, the size will be gradually increased. The job is so simple that anyone can do it without requiring too much skill. Every morning prepare food and fruit for the ponies. Line up for a neat haircut. Take them for a walk in the green meadows. We can use that free time to clean the place cleaner. Especially your horses love butterflies. Plant lots of flowers around the house to attract more butterflies. Make them feel happy and excited. Such a peaceful life is what everyone wants.

Pixie the Pony mod

Take care of the horses

Just like humans, horses need nutritious food and our care to grow. Don’t worry about food because it’s already in your garden. Buy more seeds of nutritious vegetables to grow them. Harvest after each season and prepare for the foals to eat. After a while providing enough of the necessary elements, their size will also gradually increase. Will eventually become an adult horse. You can store unused food in storage for later. In addition, horses are very fond of butterflies. So plant a lot of flowers around the house to attract butterflies. Satisfying their needs and interests also helps them grow faster.

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Farm arrangement

Everything on the farm must be in order. When you want to change the position or place a new object. For example stables, trees, warehouses, etc. Hold the screen with your hand, then move to the place you want to place and then release. Arrange the layout reasonably so that when looking at it, it is attractive and beautiful. In addition, players can also change the appearance of objects to suit their favorite style. Upgrade more machines for higher productivity. Get products for ponies to use quickly.

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Minigames for horses

There are many minigames in Pixie the Pony Mod for your horse. However, the first and most necessary thing is training. Whether the horse is agile and flexible, depends on how you teach it. Take control of them and participate in games organized by the system. Such as Race, capture the flag, overcome obstacles, etc… Through each round, the score will be automatically saved. In the end, the horse with the most points wins. Your rewards are also great. It can be a huge amount of money or diamonds, high-value objects, etc. After each competition keeps trying and surpassing your own record in the following waves. Become the most elite and talented horse.

Pixie the Pony mod apk

Compared to the same genre game, Pixie the Pony is quite special. It helps players both relax with peaceful rural life and create more thrilling situations when participating in mind or speed games. Raising a horse from a young age is not an easy task. But to train them to become strong and talented is even more difficult. So try your best to complete all the missions. Get the desired results. Download Pixie the Pony Mod to make your horse braver and stronger than ever.

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