Planet Bomber Mod APK 6.0.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money does not decrease when spent

Voodoo is a game developer with all genres on the game store of both Android and iOS, a developer with extremely interesting ideas with works already proved by the player numbers. Now Planet Bomber Mod is a game in a huge number of games that the publisher has released and has generated a lot of support. What makes this publisher’s products so special is that the titles are hands-free, a genre of entertaining games with quick breaks, relaxing your mind. to get ready for the upcoming work. A game that has been out for 3 years, but the game’s non-obsolete hotness has persisted in-game stores.

Download Planet Bomber Mod – The War of Destroying the Planets

As the title of this article, we will have a game with a gameplay that destroys, destroying extraterrestrial planets. A very fun game when you can unleash heavy weapons to destroy and bombard planets at different angles to make them shatter as quickly as possible. The mechanism that unleashes the destructive power in you will be extremely useful entertainment so that you can release all the stress and pressure in life. Planet Bomber! Mod with simple and easy-to-understand gameplay, we just need to download and start playing immediately because the game is too easy to understand. We do not need too much time to learn and know how to play these publisher games because, with a penchant for fast entertainment, the released games are easy for you to play.


War began

The story begins when the extraterrestrials in our galaxy are in danger of endangering planet earth. As a commander of the most powerful rocket launchers, you are assigned the responsibility of destroying these planets as quickly and as possible. Use a diverse and varied missile weapon system to suit each state of the planet we are destroying. The rockets have different destructive powers, but you will have to wait to be able to use the rockets, so choose the right choice and customize to use in each state that the planet is experiencing. right. Shoot at the positions and angles that make the planet as fragile as possible to soon achieve the most goals in Planet Bomber Mod.

Features and graphics of the game

In Hack Planet Bomber the simple mechanics of the game will make it easy to understand as quickly as possible, you will need to upgrade your weapons to achieve a greater effect. We will collect the money we get through each successful destruction so we can accumulate and upgrade our rockets. The power of each missile will determine the speed of your destruction, focus on upgrading the power of the rockets and then its accuracy. The graphics of the game still have the general tendency of the publisher for all games, that is, we will have a game made on the 2D game platform. With bright and dynamic colors, the details in the game are made quite simply and focus on the interesting gameplay of the game.


With the unlimited money feature of the Planet Bomber Mod game Mod, we will have a very useful feature and help you extremely big in your efforts to destroy the planets. You will be able to maximize everything to maximize every level of gameplay, with an unlimited amount of money so you do not need to worry about the amount of money you have to upgrade everything. . A very useful feature for you when all the weapons are maximized, you will play the game more easily and gently, it will be quick to destroy the planets.

Download Planet Bomber Mod APK 6.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

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