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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Get 1 gold = 100.000 gold
  • Get 1 stone = 100.000 stone
  • Get 1 wood = 100.000 wood
  • Get 1 food = 100.000 food


  • With an increase in gold and food, they become an infinite number;
  • Free purchases for real money.

Pocket Build belongs to the sandbox game genre that is gradually becoming popular on the Mobile game platform. The gameplay is simple, idle but very attractive. In this fantasy world, you will be free to build whatever you like in a rural part of Europe. The scenery is extremely beautiful, peaceful, without distractions, virtual noise of vehicles. Building up buildings, waterwheels, livestock barns, etc. Everything is made of wood which is quite prominent and unique. The main color tone of this gameplay is yellow. You can see almost everything in bright, golden colors. Although it is in the countryside, it also has a mix of modern styles. Create a unique, different from other games of the same genre. Express your creativity in creating your own world. Breeding animals, opening trade shops, building boats, etc…

Download Pocket Build Mod – Build your own world

If you’ve played the game Minecraft before, you’ll notice that the Pocket Build Mod has very similar graphics. Everything is composed of quite unique square blocks. However, Pocket Build is rated by players as a beautiful image, with a higher level of perfection. This vast open land with an area of ​​thousands of hectares is under your complete management. It also has a lot of valuable resources to help you build and develop this rural area more easily. With a 360-degree viewing angle, you can rotate the circle, observing every detail on the map in the most detailed way. This feature is extremely rare in simulation games these days. At the beginning of the game, the first thing you need to do is cut trees for wood. To build a house as a hiding place, to avoid rain, wind, animals, etc… Works, warehouses, factories, roads are available. You just need to choose the right location and you can build it easily. If you do not like the automatic, fast, then you can do it yourself, building every detail.

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Build a farm

As a rural land, you will perform agricultural activities to generate income. Develop the barracks to your liking. Build gardens to grow wheat, potatoes, corn, etc. Raise animals for meat such as Buffalo, horses, pigs, etc. Make use of the food you grow as a food source for animals. feed. This will save money on food costs. At the same time, it ensures nutrients for the healthy growth of animals. You can apply the farming model of ponds and ponds directly on your farm. Dig a pond and release fish species with just a few clicks. There is a special thing about rice, vegetables, etc…. Has a rather rough shape. Not at all like reality. So don’t be surprised when you see things with the same name as the real thing, but the appearance is far different.

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Pocket Build Mod allows players to unleash their creativity, develop everything according to their preferences. At the beginning of the game, the system will provide you with all the resources, tools, machines, raw materials, etc… Your task is to build the required buildings. For example: Dig a pond to release fish, raise 20 cows, etc…. Up to a slightly higher level, you will face many tough challenges, much more difficult. Time will be limited and you must complete it on time to receive the bonus. Many large projects such as the construction of hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, windmills, water wheels, etc. The cost to create these works is not small at all. You need to calculate the farm’s revenue so that it is reasonable. Enough to complete all the tasks assigned by the system.

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New game mode

In the latest version, publisher MOON BEAR has updated an extremely attractive game mode that I think everyone will love. That’s right, when there is more survival mode, the number of Pocket Build Mod players also increases a lot. However, there will be no monsters, zombies, opponents for you to compete and fight. But survival here is that you will build and develop everything from scratch. Start the game with empty hands, nothing in hand. What you need to do is find and collect available resources to start your survival journey. The challenge is infinite and will never end until you stop the game.

Pocket Build mod apk

When you are free, bored, come to Pocket Build. With open gameplay, a new and gentle style will help players feel relaxed and relieve stress. A farm simulation game under your control in the European countryside. Ancient style combined with modern, creating a unique space that is very different. This has helped the gameplay attract more players. Download Pocket Build Mod to unleash your creativity.

Download Pocket Build Mod APK 3.72 (Unlimited Money)

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