Download Pocket Knights 2 Mod APK 2.8.1 (Fast Cooldown, Immortal, High Damage)

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Update October 9, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • One hit kill
  • Frozen enemies
  • Unlimited special skill
  • NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name >
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Pocket Knights 2 lets you adventure to a distant medieval kingdom. This place holds precious treasures, which can revive all things. Therefore, the dark forces are actively pursuing, in order to carry out the evil plot, to annex the whole earth. In the gameplay, the player plays the role of a knight possessing special powers, intelligence, and bravery. With a benevolent heart, ready to stand up to prevent bad things that harm humanity. Bring together talented warriors to accompany this adventure. Quickly find the Starcore artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. Smash the evil plots, protect the peace of the kingdom. Along the way, countless giant monsters will continuously attack, hindering you from achieving your goal. Therefore, equipped with modern weapons, body protection equipment. Ready to fight, launch powerful moves, finish them off in a flash. Note: Avoid the traps along the way, because they will cause the knight to lose his life, unfortunately. Try to complete all the tasks assigned by the system to be upgraded to power and receive attractive rewards. Gameplay brings a meaningful plot, making players think of the great heroes in the legend. This is sure to be a rewarding and exciting adventure.

Download Pocket Knights 2 Mod – Journey to find treasures, fight against evil forces

First, when participating in Pocket Knights 2 Mod, players will have to choose a character. It will include talented heroes from 3 different tribes. They were all mighty knights, possessing unimaginable power. Each will have its own advantages, so choose a character that suits your skills. Help confidently fight and achieve the highest efficiency. Entering the game screen means that you are facing death. Because monsters appear everywhere, extremely aggressive, brutal. Using special powers, modern weapons hit them to pieces. Enemies will be more and more crowded and dangerous, so it is necessary to cooperate with teammates. Just have the ability to conquer all levels and survive to the end. Collect valuable items on the way, help heroes fight better. Practice regularly to control the knight masterfully and skillfully. At the same time, create smart ways to defeat the enemy easily. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to get achievement points. And receive a huge bonus, you can spend it on other work. Do not forget that the important task that you need to complete is to find the treasure. Along the way gather information from the monks. To quickly locate them. When having this in hand, players will rest assured to protect their kingdom.

Pocket Knights 2 mod


To be ready to fight those ferocious monsters, players need to prepare carefully for equipment. Gameplay possesses a diverse and modern arsenal for you to choose from. For example Bows and arrows, swords, staffs, guns, etc. Each type has its own characteristics, players will have to practice with them all. To make the most of their power to help fight better. In addition, the system also provides knights with items such as armor, hats, shoes, medicine, equipment bags, etc. To avoid enemy damage, protect the body very well. In particular, you can change the character’s costume continuously, becoming outstanding in each moment.

Pocket Knights 2 mod apk

Upgrades and rewards

Experiencing countless challenges, confronting countless dangerous enemies. The knight’s stamina will definitely be greatly depleted. Needs to be restored and upgraded to be able to continue fighting. Therefore, after each level, the system automatically increases strength, improving the basic stats of the character’s body. Not only that, but you also get valuable rewards and attractive gifts attached such as vehicles, items, shields, etc. Especially, there is a chance to know more useful information to help quickly find out Starcore artifact. Try to complete all difficult missions and upgrade continuously. To possess the ultimate power to defeat all enemies.

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Pocket Knights 2 Mod owns 3D graphics, vivid sound. Give players the most authentic experience. Every detail and image is built with great care. Combined with harmonious colors to help simulate a beautiful battlespace. Create a unique and lovely character wearing eye-catching skins that attract players. Various sounds of monsters, every noise in human life. Light, vibrant, dramatic background music changes constantly to suit each battle situation.

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Show all your top fighting skills, conquer all levels. To become a legendary hero in Pocket Knights 2. Gameplay owns easy-to-understand gameplay, simple operations. So everyone can access it quickly and easily. With teammates to conquer difficult copies to collect valuable items. And receive attractive rewards, affirming top-notch fighting talent. Download Pocket Knights 2 Mod to destroy all monsters, quickly find treasures, smash the evil conspiracy of the dark forces.

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