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Pokemon is an extremely popular cartoon title of our childhood, a series of pets with very different special skills have brought us a very happy childhood. Pokémon Quest Mod is a game written according to the plot of this childhood movie that no one does not knows because the plot has been very attractive since the past, so adapting it into this video game has made many people excited. wait for it. As a game made in the role-playing, action-adventure genre with various pets, it will bring you moments of relaxation and fun after stressful working hours. Download Pokémon Quest Mod to be able to experience this exciting game.

Download Pokémon Quest Mod – Beast War

Extremely successful after the release of the Pokemon cartoon, now we will experience the incarnation of these lovely Pokemon in search of treasure and countless other features of the game. The game is designed in the direction of graphics similar to the Minecraft game that stormed the gamer’s village with everything made in the cube model. With extremely unique and interesting gameplay that will make you satisfied through the most fun gaming moments in Pokémon Quest Mod, control your summoned beast to explore everywhere in the land of the game and find treasures. objects of great value.

Pokémon Quest Mod

Interesting gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you will play as a pokemon trainer on the island of Tumblecube who is on the way to collect the most powerful summoned beasts and precious treasures. To be able to find a summoned beast on this island, you need to lure them with the dishes you cook, collect the ingredients on the playing path to be able to cook dishes that attract them. With the strongest summoned beasts, your adventure will be easier, the monsters in the forest will be easy to destroy when you get a good summoned beast. In Hack Pokémon Quest, each player will have their own shelter to house these summoned beasts, decorate your house in a beautiful and shimmering way.

Levels and summoned beast system

The vast Tumblecube island contains a total of 12 different locations, each of which will have from 3 to 7 difficulty levels later on. Each level will give you certain different resources, search for gems in each table that can be used to upgrade your mascot to become stronger. There are a total of 151 summoned beasts in Pokémon Quest Mod, each with a different appearance and fighting skills, so you should try to fight through the levels to be able to get yourself the animals. strongest. And to increase the strength of your warrior, upgrade the stats with gems, work hard in the game, and fight to gain unparalleled power.

Game Pokémon Quest Mod

Graphics of Pokémon Quest Mod

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Pokémon Quest Mod is a game adapted from an illustrious childhood cartoon with extremely fun graphics. Designed under the 2D game platform, everything in the game in this amazing adventure will be made according to the cube model, which will look extremely fun and interesting for you. The summoned beasts will have a shape similar to the lego set, a game worth mentioning for those who love these adorable animals. Because of the uniqueness of the game, after only a few days of release, the game has attracted several million players worldwide to download and experience it, it will be a game worth experiencing.

With the feature of Mod XP, Free Shopping of Mod XP game, Free Shopping, you will get a very useful feature to help you in the game, Your Shelter needs to become more sparkling and beautiful. , you will need to accumulate some money to be able to own special decorative items in the shop. With the free shopping feature, you will be able to buy whatever you like without worrying about the price because everything will be purchased for free. Mod XP will help you level up more easily.

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