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Police Patrol Simulator Mod takes you into street chases. Become a policeman, with the duty of driving a patrol car on the road. Ensure city security, and prevent illegal car races. The game is produced by SkisoSoft, with a lot of unique police cars. Along with many streets in the city, recreated from famous cities in real life. In particular, everything in the game is designed very realistically. From the road, the patrol car, to the surrounding scenery. Do not make players disappointed, the actions after stopping the car are made very realistic.

Download Police Patrol Simulator Mod – Become a Police Patrol to Keep Traffic Order

The context of Police Patrol Simulator Mod opens in a large city. The houses, streets, vehicles, even traffic lights are all reproduced very realistically. There are many means of recklessly participating in traffic. They move at high speed in the city, or some people even drive in a drunken state. There are even a lot of cars gathered together, preparing for a speed race in the city. As a patrol officer yourself, you must not let that happen. Your task is to track vehicles moving on the road, check for suspicious cars. At the same time, maintain order for the city, prevent accidents or unfortunate consequences from happening.Game Police Patrol Simulator mod

Catching offending cars, move safely on the road

Become a patrol policeman, accompanying you is a specially designed traffic police car. At the same time, you must obey and understand the traffic laws to easily stop violating cars. During the course of the mission, most of the offending vehicles will drive away. You should quickly drive your car to chase those cars, punish them so that you won’t repeat the offense next time. However, in a city with a lot of traffic like Police Patrol Simulator Mod. It will be difficult for you to move on the road. An accident can even happen if you don’t look carefully or drive recklessly. Therefore, in addition to skillfully avoiding vehicles on the road, you also have to improve your driving skills.Tai Police Patrol Simulator mod

Realistic driving system

Police Patrol Simulator Mod is a simulation game. So the control of the car is also designed very realistically. The steering system to the functions is depicted in great detail. The control mechanism of the game is divided equally into both sides of the screen. The left side shows the brake pedal and the car navigation key to steer left. Similarly, the right side of the screen includes the accelerator pedal and the car navigation key to steer to the right. At the same time, during driving on the road, you can use the horn to warn the cars ahead. Combine looking at the mini-map to know the current position and the surrounding turns. Besides, you can change the first-person perspective for a more realistic observation. Overall, the control system is quite simple. You just need to touch and select the virtual keys on the screen to drive. However,Download Police Patrol Simulator mod

Lots of patrol cars

The vehicle system of Police Patrol Simulator Mod is extremely diverse. For example, VTekk, Scully, Arctic, Brick, Ladna, … and many more. Although they are both patrol cars, they are designed differently. Each car has its own operating ability, parameters are displayed on each vehicle when you click on it. Like the name of the car, the capacity, the rpm of the machine. From those parameters, you can choose your favorite car. Besides, the cars have different prices. The higher the parameters of the vehicle, the greater the amount. Depending on how much you own, you can choose a suitable car.

Graphics and sound

Not to disappoint players, Police Patrol Simulator Mod has an extremely impressive graphic design. Everything is reproduced very realistically, giving the player a feeling of being in the real world. The surroundings are inspired by famous cities, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The patrol cars are carefully polished, from the interior to the extremely impressive exterior. Besides, the sound of the car engine when driving on the road creates a very realistic sound. Gives you a very realistic driving experience.Police Patrol Simulator Mod

After a period of driving on the road, the fuel will be gradually reduced. If the fuel is exhausted, you cannot continue on the mission. So keep an eye on the fuel, if it’s running low return to headquarters to refill it. Besides, you can click on the faucet icon to wash away the dirt on the car. In addition, Police Patrol Simulator Mod has a lot of interesting missions waiting for you to explore. Each task after completing will help you get a lot of bonuses. At the same time, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase each time you complete the current level.

Download Police Patrol Simulator Mod APK 1.2 (Unlimited Money)

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