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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you are interested in crafts made from ceramic. Come to Pottery Master where artisans satisfy their passion. There are thousands of ceramic products created by different hands. When entering the game, you may be surprised by the number and uniqueness of each product. They are meticulously cared for every detail to make the viewer feel very alive. Shows the ingenuity and sophistication of the artist. Many people want to experience the actual craft of pottery but have not had the opportunity. Aware of that, publisher EYEWIND has launched gameplay to meet the needs of players. You can manually shape the vase. Draw more beautiful patterns and color them. With sharp and vivid graphics.

Download Pottery Master Mod – Become an excellent craftsman

In Pottery Master Mod the system will not provide pre-made potions. Which will let the player make their own starting from a piece of clay. Put it on the turntable and mold your favorite shape with your own hands. The next stage is decorating and coloring. Each creative style expresses each person’s own artistic personality. Under your hand, the vases will become more beautiful and attractive. They will become masterpieces after a painstaking process of artisans. What’s even better is that the products are all made by you. Post to the community home page to share your work with everyone. Inspire other players. Creativity is limitless, so keep trying and design more unique and interesting products.

Pottery Master mod

Support tools

The tool system in Pottery Master Mod is very diverse. You can use them to carve out ceramic pots of different shapes. The usage is quite simple, so players will surely get used to it quickly. After you have mastered it, you can design and sculpt the pattern yourself. Use coloring kits to make them more unique and beautiful. For each product, you can choose different decorative colors to enrich your ceramic collection. Each tool will have its own effect. Use them appropriately in each stage of product creation.

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Share results

In Pottery Master Mod there is a rather special feature. That is sharing my work with friends in the pottery community. It can be said that this is a feature that creates excitement for players. From those products, you can know other people’s reviews and comments about your ceramic vases. Based on that to learn from and improve in the next works. In addition, you can also visit and admire other people’s products. Learn to hone your skills. Pottery Master Mod opens before the player a vivid exhibition of the world of pottery. Creates a feeling of relaxation and is extremely enjoyable.

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Attractive gameplay

When you have embarked on the process of making pottery. Surely you will be more and more fascinated by the uniqueness that they bring. First, the system will offer 6 types of ceramics for players to choose from. Then put on the turntable, use your finger to move the circle. Next is shaping the work. You can make any shape you want. When they are almost finished, decorate them more to make them more eye-catching and attractive. However, the process needs to be very skillful and careful. Because if you make a mistake, you will lose a lot of materials. Need to use the money to be able to buy back and complete the work.

Monetization feature

In addition to being satisfied with your passion, you can also earn extra income from this pottery making. Upload your products to the shop with a reasonable price for buyers to choose from. Usually, handicrafts are quite expensive. So if you work hard, you will definitely earn a huge amount of money. From there, you can buy more materials for your pottery workshop. So that later products have better quality and can be sold at a higher price.

Pottery Master mod apk

Publisher EYEWIND designed Pottery Master with 3D graphics. Make players feel the authenticity of each pattern. Each product will bring a unique beauty and uniqueness. However, it requires the ingenuity and patience of the player at the highest level. Don’t be discouraged if the first products don’t work. Just try, surely the following work will be successful and bring the desired results. Download Pottery Master Mod to become an excellent artist, making great works of art.

Download Pottery Master Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlock All)

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