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Update October 13, 2021 (2 years ago)

Prison Escape Mod opens a large prison setting. Play as the main character in the game. You are a prisoner in the process of serving a sentence. With the intention of escaping from prison, you will have to risk your life to find freedom outside the prison. This place is holding the most notorious criminals in the world. Besides prison escape, you also have to perform many other tasks. Exploiting intelligence on the criminal activities of criminals in prison. Collect important information to complete the mission. At the same time uncovering the secrets that are being hidden in this prison. Or decipher organs designed to escape prison doors. Perform each activity to be able to escape from this scary holding place. A challenging journey is waiting for you ahead.

Download Prison Escape Mod – Prison Escape Game To Find Your Freedom

The game belongs to the action game genre, simulating a large prison. With the appearance of notorious criminals. Mafia bosses, backed by junior criminals. At the prison of Prison Escape Mod, you will have to face a lot of dangers around. Survive in a harsh crime environment. Don’t just fight criminals with a history of scary crimes. But you also have to face the prison guards. They are equipped with modern weapons, with the purpose of keeping the security in the prison safe. As well as to prevent prisoner riots. Or will attack criminals who intend to escape from prison. Without a companion, you can only be alone to find a way to escape on your own.Download Prison Escape Mod

Jailbreak process

Start performing prison escape action in Prison Escape Mod’s prison. You move through the corridors or areas inside the prison. Meet some NPC characters to get directions. Defeat the criminals before you get attacked. Or sometimes will have to attack the police, even kill them to safely get through the cell. The prison has many different cells. As well as a large number of police. Meanwhile, you don’t know the way to the door to escape the prison. Therefore, we will have to explore each point in turn. Collect important clues about the escape location. At the same time exploiting information from the prisoners in the prison. Sequence the information you collect. Then you can find the most accurate answer about what activities you are doing.Prison Escape Mod

Decrypt the locks

In the process of finding a way to escape from prison in Prison Escape Mod. You will have to face a lot of obstacles that are detrimental to the prison break process. Encrypted locks, ordinary locks, take a long time to break. Using a small metal rod, deftly push each pin in the lock. After successfully breaking the lock, you can open the door to enter the new cell. Continue using your skills to fight criminals. Attack them with attacks or weapons. Take turns knocking down the prisoners who intend to get in the way. Simultaneously assassinate the policemen guarding the travel positions. Use weapons or choke off their necks to quickly take them down without leaving a trace. Gradually, you can find your freedom again after spending days in prison.Prison Escape Mod

Lots of weapons

All your activities at Prison Escape Mod are very stressful. Using weapons is the best solution for you to pass quickly. Attack prisoners, assassinate policemen, everything is easy with weapons. The game possesses a diverse weapon system, with many different types. Including knives, axes, sticks, wrenches, etc. Even guns like Browning, UMP, AKM, AK103, AR15, M16, etc. Each weapon not only attacks the enemy during a prison escape. It also helps you protect yourself when attacked by prisoners. Depending on the situation, using the right weapon will help you complete the action quickly. For example, when attacking a police officer, using a knife is more appropriate than a gun. Because you can kill them in silence.Tai Prison Escape Mod

Prison Escape Mod is built on 3D graphics. Recreate a larger and more realistic prison than ever before. With activities taking place inside the prison. The cell areas and the scenery are designed very realistically. Combined with the movement of the character and the prisoners are very flexible. Shown through matches or when you assassinate the police. Mixed quality sound, changed to suit each character’s actions. Bringing you an exciting prison escape-themed adventure.

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