[PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod APK 185 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Unlimited money;
  • The possibility of tuning is open, all cars and maps are for free driving;
  • No ads.

[PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod is a racing game released by BYCODEC GAMES. Join the game, you will enter a whole new world of driving. Here, players not only improve their driving ability. But also participate in many different terrain challenges. Along with that, many obstacles appear on the road, making you have to dodge skillfully. Besides, the game gives you a completely new driving style, which you probably have never experienced in any other game. Currently, players can download the game on iOS and Android platforms. With attractive gameplay, even if you are a person with good driving skills, it will not be easy to pass. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. And received nearly 15,000 reviews from all over the world.

Download [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod – Offroad Driving

Unlike normal driving games. Players will have to control the car on a flat track with lightning speed. Or overtake all competitors and quickly reach the finish line to win. Now [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod takes you to rough roads, rugged terrain. Your task is to drive your car to move through the terrain and reach the finish line. However, it is not easy to win. Because the road surface here is not simply difficult or rough turns. Instead, there are 90-degree angled sleeve bends. Or obstacles that you have to skillfully overcome.PROJECT OFFROAD Mod APK

More than 250 levels

Besides [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod owns 250 different levels of play. Each level of play will be an experience, helping you improve your driving skills and learn a lot of experience. Especially the game is designed in the style of real physics. That means you need to have an actual ant to complete the level. During the game, you will encounter many situations that occur. Then you need to make a correct decision and choose wisely to pass. After completing the level, you will move to the next level with a new space. Going through each level, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase, requiring you to have a good skill to continue the challenge.PROJECT OFFROAD Game Mod

How to play

To control the car in [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod will have 3 virtual keys, including the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal. The left side of the screen shows a virtual steering wheel. By pressing, holding, and rotating to steer the car to move in the direction you specify. The right side of the screen displays 2 virtual keys, which are the brake and accelerator pedals, corresponding to increasing and decreasing the vehicle’s speed. However, to be effective in the game, you will need to combine the control keys together. For example, align the force just enough for the car to overcome an obstacle. Besides the game allows you to change the view of the car. This will help you see more easily and see the details of each obstacle. Use your skills to drive through the challenges one after another and reach the finish line.Ear PROJECT OFFROAD Mod

Complete mission

[PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod provides players with a diverse mission system. Each mission is a challenge for you to experience. After completing, you will receive the bonus amount corresponding to the achievement achieved on the game screen. Along with that, you will enjoy the colorful natural scenery. Together with the unique setting, take you into a lively and exciting space. In addition, players should note that it is not always good to move at a fast speed. Because there are treacherous terrains, requiring you to be skillful, combined with the control keys to overcoming.DOWNLOAD PROJECT OFFROAD Mod

Unlock car

The money earned after completing missions is used to shop and upgrade your car. [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod provides people with a diverse vehicle system in terms of designs and models. However, the cars in the game do not have actual names. Instead, they are designed in the style of 4×4, 6×6, or pickup trucks, off-road vehicles. In addition, players can customize their cars to stand out. By changing the paint color, some small details make the car different. However, that does not change the outcome of the game. Because you still need to hone your skills and improve your steering.PROJECT OFFROAD Mod

When loading the Mod version of the game [PROJECT:OFFROAD]. Players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, you can unlock all kinds of vehicles to experience. Besides [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod is designed graphically in 3D. The image quality is meticulously polished, the game context is mostly in a gloomy space. The shaping of the cars is quite realistic, along with the rugged and difficult terrain. Will give players a feeling of excitement and attraction when participating. The sound is quite realistic, you can feel it through the explosion of the car engine.

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