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Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod is a simulation game by an MEP developer. Join the game, you become a bus driver, daily driving on fixed routes. Take public customers to required locations. Ensure safety in the journey, know the traffic laws to avoid fines. The game is built with open gameplay, helping you to feel the reality of the driver profession. At the same time, you will notice the difficulty on the journeys of a bus driver. Here you can challenge yourself with safe driving. Roaming on familiar roads, with the task of bringing passengers to the required location. A lot of bus driver simulation jobs are waiting for you to perform.

Download Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod – Become a Bus Driver

Being a bus driver, of course, you cannot drive at a speed of several hundred kilometers an hour. Instead, ensuring the safety of passengers in the car is a top priority. The task of the Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod is to pick up passengers at bus stops. Take them to the required places in the safest way. Besides, time is one of the very important factors of a bus driver. Driving safely and on time should always go hand in hand. Because you cannot drive safely but move at a slow speed. Causing passengers to be late for work or miss an important appointment.Download Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod

Obey traffic laws, drive safely

During travel on the road, Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod requires you to obey traffic laws. Pay close attention to and pay attention to roadside signs and guidance signs. Take it seriously for safe driving. If you violate traffic laws such as running a red light, going in the wrong lane, or causing an accident, you will be fined. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, you will be fined the corresponding amount. You need to know that the customer is the one who will pay you. So you need to ensure their safety when traveling on the road. If you have a problem or make them unhappy, you will lose a certain number of customers. That will cause your revenue to be reduced, even discredited, and not chosen by customers.Game Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod

Actual map

Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod provides players with a diverse map system. Each map is a route and is inspired by many countries around the world. Not only in the city, you also get to see the beautiful scenery in the suburbs. Roaming on wide roads, passing verdant forests. In particular, each map is designed very carefully. The road markings, signs, signboards, and surrounding scenes are depicted very realistically. Make players feel like they are driving in real life. However, if you want to unlock a new map, you need to complete the required quest.Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod

Unlock the bus, customize the exterior

The bus system of Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod is very nicely designed. They are all realistic simulations of today’s most advanced and modern cars. With some buses such as Hyundai Universe Noble, Trecomeco,… and many more. Each car has a different price, if you want to unlock it, it will cost a lot of money. Choose a favorite bus, use the money accumulated from previous trips. You can buy yourself a new bus, with impressive performance. In addition, you can customize the car’s exterior to your own style. Spray on a unique paint that will make your bus stand out and impress the cars moving on the road.

Change viewing angle, control system

The driving interface of Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod is uniquely designed. With extremely realistic simulation features. You can change a lot of different viewing angles such as the view from the driver’s seat position, the view from the rear. Or a 360-degree view and a top-down view. Besides, the control system of the game is fully designed with the features of a real-life bus. The range of functions on the bus is fully designed. You just need to select the control keys on the screen to use the corresponding functions. For example, press the accelerator icon to move the car, press the brake pedal to slow down and stop the car. Or use the wipers when the weather is rainy, turn on the light bulb inside the car. And there are many other functions waiting for you to discover.Tai Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod

Proton Bus Simulator Urbano Mod is a simulation game about bus driving. Therefore, you need to complete the driving sequence in the correct manner. For example, before moving, you need to start the engine. By performing steps such as inserting the key, pressing and holding the key to start the car. Or when picking up passengers, you need to click on the door icon to open the car door. A series of missions that require you to role-play to perform.

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