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Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod is a horror survival game. The scene unfolds in a mental hospital. Where you will experience a terrible night with psychopaths. Sick guys, serial killers, and scary madmen. Their actions will make you want to escape from this place even more. However, according to the history of the scary mental hospital where you are. No one has ever escaped from this place. You might be the first if you get over your own nightmares. The game belongs to the Arcade game genre. Takes you into a scary environment, in a dark space. A place where monstrous experiments will take place. At the same time, you are the one being tested. This makes you feel even more nervous and scared.

Download Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod – Escape from the Scary Mental Hospital

Coming to Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod you become a victim of an experiment. Appeared on a hospital bed. A doctor gave you an injection. After the injection takes effect, you will feel something unusual happening. Nightmares often occur during sleep. That’s when you realized the doctor who injected you was a psychiatrist. But it was too late because the medicine worked. Making nightmares come true, they appear in the form of monsters. This causes you to be tortured both physically and mentally. Now you will have to face your own fear. Let’s overcome fear to find a way to escape. At the same time, run away from the psychiatrist who is trying to harm you.Psyroom Horror of Reason Mod

Survival gameplay, puzzle combination

The game is a combination of survival and puzzle elements. With open-ended gameplay, you’re free to do as you please. But it will be necessary to carry out the mission to find a way out of the scary hospital. In the journey to find a way out of the hospital in Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod. You will have to overcome your own fear, in the form of monsters. At the same time move smartly to escape the pursuit of the doctor. Combined with solving puzzles, find out the letters and codes that appear in the hospital. Those are the special characters left by the previous victims. Then string them together to find the answers to your questions. As well as finding a way to get close to a possible exit from the hospital.Game Psyroom Horror of Reason Mod

Escape from the detention room

Before wanting to escape the hospital in Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod. You need to escape from the room you are being held in. By finding the key to open the door. Here, you will have to observe every object that appears in the room. Decode special characters on the wall, left by previous victims. Simultaneously decode the code behind the scary demon face painting. Look for special characters in the book on the tabletop. Check the handwritten diaries of the victims. Search the refrigerator to uncover any other secrets. After searching and performing actions in the room. You will string them together, thereby opening the locked door. Go on to a more dangerous adventure. With more difficult puzzles to overcome.Download Psyroom Horror of Reason Mod

Don’t miss any details

During the puzzle to find the way out of the hospital of Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod. Players must not ignore any detail, even the smallest. Because behind them can be hints or codes to help you go further. For example, the previous victim’s handwritten diary. You can see lines of text written and one line crossed out in red. That could be a hint to be left. Or the letters that don’t make sense on the back of the picture. Only when you take down the demon face painting on the wall can you see it. What you find could be a code that points to a new hint. Take turns solving puzzles and stringing the hints you find. It is possible to gradually escape from this scary mental hospital. At the same time become the first to escape from this place.Tai Psyroom Horror of Reason Mod

The graphics of Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod are designed to be very realistic. With a horror 3D environment, in a dark space. Recreate a scary mental hospital. More precisely a prison, with extremely dirty surroundings. You may notice the pool of blood in the background, the pictures have scary images. Or in the restroom and on the walls. Along with the classic noise effect, giving players a sense of fear. Combine sound quality, with scary music tunes. Mix in the sound of footsteps and the actions you take while trying to escape. It makes you feel more scared like you are becoming a real victim.

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