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Update October 11, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Is a game suitable for those who like adventure and puzzle-solving? Pull Him Out Mod a game with attractive entertaining gameplay is waiting for you to join. Play as an archeology character who goes to discover all the treasures. But there are also many difficulties and challenges that require you to solve them correctly. Otherwise, it will not only not get the reward, but also cause the character to die. Every step in the game is crucial. As the journey becomes more and more difficult, the later levels are harsh. You need to handle decisively and accurately to pass.

Download Pull Him Out Mod – Finding Treasure

Pull Him Out Mod is a game developed by lion studios company. A company with a relatively new age but has brought certain successes. Games with puzzle gameplay have been released before. Has been downloaded and joined by tens of millions of people around the world. To continue that success, this new puzzle adventure game was born. In this game, you will play the role of an archaeologist in search of treasure. Then suddenly he picked up a map to go to mysterious places. You will be the one to observe the entire map in this game and make decisions. The challenges that prevent you from getting to the treasures like corpses, lava, poison… You need to unlock things that can overcome those dangers. Like if you want to extinguish the lava, then pull out the water lock.

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Puzzle game

Not simply a separate puzzle or adventure game. Pull Him Out Mod includes both things in one game, giving you a new experience. Each journey with a different map. Will require you to do different tasks to complete the game. Find the key or stick of the statue to rescue the captive. Or many other tasks are waiting for you. In the journey to go on a mission, you will face the challenges mentioned in the title above. Observe everything on the map. You need to make smart decisions to get through. The game screen system is very dense enough for you to explore in the most satisfying way. With the different contexts of each location, the game will take you on a journey through each journey.

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Character upgrades and costumes

After you have completed a certain amount of tasks set by the developer. In Pull Him Out Mod you will start building your own museum. Build up the great works of legend here. Along with continuous upgrades through each stage to become more complete. The system of character changing costumes is also very diverse in this game. You will have 2 ways to be able to own the costumes. It is to use in-game currency or watch ads to receive. With a variety of costumes with different characteristics. Pick out the outfits that best suit your playing style.

Pull Him Out Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Pull Him Out Mod is a puzzle adventure game that gives us entertaining visuals. Designed under the 2D game platform, very similar to other games of the same genre. Bringing us playful, lovely graphics like a cartoon. Bright colors give you the energy to continue a long day. The details in the game are made relatively. There is no need to be too fancy about the detailed description in the game. Everything is just enough and suitable for the gameplay of the game. The fun sound system combined with the game’s visuals. Has brought a perfect product to the user’s hand. Fun music or sounds of overcoming poisons. All are described flexibly in the game.

Game Pull Him Out Mod

You will get a very interesting feature when you download the Pull Him Out game Mod version. You will own an unlimited amount of money to freely spend everything. In this game to build up your own museum. Or special costumes all use the game’s currency to own. Or you need to see the ads inserted in the game. It takes a lot of time and effort to accumulate. With the Mod version of this game, you will use the game a lot more gently. You just need to shop as much as you like without having to worry about the price.

Download Pull Him Out Mod APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Coins)

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