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Following the previous version, publisher Viva Games Studios continues to launch players a new version of the game Ramboat. Ramboat 2 Mod belongs to the category of Arcade video games. With gameplay designed in the style of action scenes, combining attractive shooting elements. In particular, the game is played in 100% offline mode. No need to connect to the Internet, you can still experience the game anytime, anywhere. In this 2nd version, although still keeping the classic 2D graphics, it has been greatly improved in terms of visuals. Also added a lot of new features. From weapons, maps to enemies. And there are many other factors added by the publisher. Make your adventure more dramatic, more attractive than before.

Download Ramboat 2 Mod – Escape From Army Soldiers

Join the Ramboat 2 Mod’s escape. Players will role-play as the character Ramboat. Here, you are chased by many enemies. They are equipped with modern weapons, along with different combat vehicles. In addition to running, you also have to fight to destroy those who stand in your way. Use the equipped gun to destroy the enemy. Throw grenades at enemy vehicles to destroy them. Flexible combination of movements to avoid attacks when necessary. Simultaneously defeat the giant boss to escape the pursuit. Complete the escape, ensure life is always safe. You will get the loot and continue the new run. Face stronger enemies than before. Use your skills to both escape and fight.Game Ramboat 2 Mod

Control system, flexible combination

When starting to join the first escape in Ramboat 2 Mod. Players are guided by the system in detail about the actions that can be taken during the escape. Swipe up to jump over the obstacles that appear ahead. Swipe down to perform the rolling action. Perform a fast forward dash by swiping to the right. Besides, the gun will automatically fire when detecting an enemy within a certain range. In general, the control system in the game is quite simple. But by no means the task is easy. To complete the escape from the enemy. You need to dynamically combine controls to take the right action. Combine agile observation skills to dodge attacks. Quickly fire deadly bullets that destroy enemies. From there, you will move to a safe location.Tai Ramboat 2 Mod

Facing a lot of different enemies

In the escape journey at Ramboat 2 Mod. Players will have to face many different enemies. Military soldiers, appear in front or parachute from the air. Enemies use vehicles such as motorcycles, helicopters, cars, boats, even tanks. Each type of enemy is equipped with modern weapons, which can create huge damage. At the same time, the defense of each enemy is also different. Normal minions have less health than vehicle users. Especially enemies using helicopters and tanks. Not only do they have a durable metal defense, but they can also deal great damage, causing you to lose a lot of health.Ramboat 2 Mod

Weapon Collection

Ramboat 2 Mod owns a diverse collection of weapons. Modern, advanced guns can do massive damage. Helps you easily destroy enemies in the escape. For example, some guns like AK-47, Super Shorty, Uzi, HK-G3, Beretta 1200FP, UTS-15, PP2000. Each type of gun displays detailed parameters such as Fire Power, Fire Rate, Mag Size, along with the size of the bullet. Besides using money to unlock. You can upgrade guns to increase damage, as well as other power parameters. From there will help Ramboat can destroy the enemy quickly.

Graphics, sound

The graphics used in Ramboat 2 Mod are classic 2D. However, compared to the previous version. The game’s graphics have been improved with brighter and more realistic images. Especially the combat effect every time Ramboat uses weapons to attack the enemy. Clear display of bullet lines, along with explosions when using grenades. Or when an enemy vehicle is destroyed. Combined with strong background music, mixed with bullets and bombs throughout the game. Make your adventure more exciting and exciting than ever.Download Ramboat 2 Mod

The battle context of Ramboat 2 Mod is very diverse. Inspired by many different environments around the world. Typical are the desert, the city in the desert, the ancient city, the snowy area covered with white color. Each map is designed with 3 different battle zones. Includes ground, air, and water combat routes. However, the map in the game only gives you the feeling of experiencing many different environments. Keep your adventure from getting boring.

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