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Experience the simulation game of Real Car Parking Mod. You are in control of a car and have the opportunity to discover many unique supercars. Here, speed is only a small factor in the game. What you need to pay attention to the most is your driving skills in the parking lot. Your task is to drive and park at the required location. It looks simple at first glance, but parking the car in the right place in the game is not easy at all. It’s a process for you to show off your driving skills. Forward and backward with the most precision to achieve excellent results. In particular, the game’s graphics are a strong point, giving players the feeling of driving a car in real life. The same view from the driver’s seat, helping you see everything more realistically.

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Real Car Parking Mod does not have fast races or difficult terrain. There are also no burning drifts on the road. And there is also no fierce competition with other racers. The game simulates the car parking process in detail. From driving on the road, moving through bends, dodging obstacles, and keeping a close eye on everything around you. Until the drive into your parking spot. Technical requirements are quite high because you need to park the car correctly. The wheels must not be on the line, the car must be parked in a straight line. Especially not to have a collision with the surrounding cars. Your achievement is based on correct parking. If the car is on the line or parked in the wrong direction, it will not be able to achieve the highest score. Real Car Parking Mod

Get familiar with the control mechanism, flexible driving

Starting the first level of Real Car Parking Mod you enter the training mode. Here, the system instructs in detail the operations to control the car. From navigation, acceleration, and deceleration to using the gear lever, everything is detailed. In particular, the control mechanism is not too complicated for you to get used to. Surely after being guided, you can always learn the skill of driving a car. Just touch the corresponding control keys on the screen to be able to easily drive on the road. However, learning the mechanics of driving a car is one thing, but driving it safely is quite another. Requires a flexible combination between using the navigation keys and the brake and accelerator pedals. To drive stable on the road and not collide with surrounding obstacles.Real Car Parking Mod

Move the car to the parking position, park it correctly, go to the next level

After completing the training mode, Real Car Parking Mod officially takes you to the first level. You control the car moving on the road, observing the directions ahead. Drive through many different tracks, reaching the final parking spot. This is the time for you to show off your driving skills. Drive flexibly and smoothly into the required location, park the car in the most accurate way. Once you’re sure you’re done parking, apply the parking brake by pressing the on-screen P key. Then you will complete the task and get the corresponding bonus from that level. Continue to step to the next level, the difficulty will gradually increase. The travel path will be longer, as well as the parking location will be in different locations. Pass every level in the best way to become a professional driver.Real Car Parking Mod

Change the view inside and outside

During driving on the road, you can change the view of the car. Real Car Parking Mod has 2 main views including inside and outside. From the outside perspective, it makes it easier to observe the road and parking is much simpler. At the same time, you can observe the car’s surroundings with a 360-degree rotation. Besides, the view from the inside gives a more realistic driving feeling. Detailed simulation game from the driver’s seat. You can observe the control keys, as well as the steering wheel of the car that will rotate every time you steer. While this perspective feels realistic, it also makes it harder to see. Especially during parking, your viewing angle will be limited. Make parking harder than ever.Download Real Car Parking Mod

Real Car Parking Mod provides players with safe parking sensors. This is a huge advantage during parking. Every time you move forward or backward close to the vehicle in front or behind, as well as the surrounding obstacles. The sensor will detect and automatically chirp, helping you know the distance between your vehicle and surrounding objects. However, the sensor is just a tool to assist you in the parking process. Driving skill is still the main deciding factor in your parking. So you need to improve your skills through the previous levels.

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