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Real Gangster Crime Mod is an Action game that takes you into the big city where criminals take action and everything happens freely. Not stopping there, when you come here, you will encounter countless difficulties and face the dangers around, the police here will always hunt down and arrest criminals who do the law. But everything goes, as usual, you will have to complete your assigned missions and stand up for a high position on your own to be respected by the people and criminals of this free city.

Download Real Gangster Crime Mod – Become Someone In Crime City

In the beginning, when you join the game, you will be guided and assigned a number of locations to go to, gradually when you are familiar with the gameplay and can experience it yourself here you will be fighting. with other dangerous criminals. The city in Real Gangster Crime Mod is not like other places, here you will not distinguish who is a good person and a dangerous criminal because people you meet on the street will have weapons stored in you. This is a free city so you will be given the choice for yourself to become an honest person or become a dangerous criminal. Usually, when participating in the game, almost all players choose to play to become dangerous criminals of the city.Real Gangster Crime Mod

Diverse weapons

When you want to do something in Hack Real Gangster Crime such as robbing a car, think carefully, look around, and do not forget to hold a gun because you have become a name. Criminals wanted throughout the city. Talking about weapons Real Gangster Crime Mod is very diverse and rich, inspired by real-life weapons such as: if used at a close distance you can use rifles, knives, swords, … And at a long distance there will be guns like AK-47, M4A1, Blaster, … I will not include all the weapons in the game because it will be difficult to list them all, instead you should download the game to explore and experience. Besides using guns, do not forget to buy cartridges because each gun will have its own type of ammunition box.Game Real Gangster Crime Mod

Upgrade and change style

Real Gangster Crime Mod allows players to change the style of the character such as the costume, hair color, and color of each character. In particular, the player can optimize the character’s style to stand out and be different from everyone around him while walking in the city. Besides, players will have to upgrade weapons, costumes, vehicles, and other necessary things. For example, when you want to kill someone and upgrade weapons is the best way for you to defeat the enemy in the shortest time, or when you are bullied by someone and the outfit has been raised Then you won’t have to be afraid of them anymore.


The vehicle system in Real Gangster Crime Mod is very diverse and true as what you see in real life. With 3D graphic design, players will be looking around with the scenery and sharp images from each angle. In addition, instead of robbing, you can use the money you have to buy your own favorite vehicle such as motorbikes, cars, helicopters, planes, tanks. Besides, you can use your vehicle to move to the position you want faster and can be a combat weapon when your wanted level for the police of the city is too heavy. When you become a dangerous criminal and are arrested by the police, transportation is very important, and especially using a tank will be very useful because it has a very good defense system.

When players download the Mod version of Real Gangster Crime, you will experience the limitless feature of money, then you can comfortably shop and equip yourself with the most modern weapons, along with the means of transportation. that I love. The game has attracted a lot of gamers to download experience because of its free-to-play gameplay and players will be able to do what they like. In addition, when you are arrested, go far away from the wanted position or kill all the police, to become a respected person in this city where criminals are raging.

Download Real Gangster Crime Mod APK 5.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

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