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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

REAL RACING NEXT Mod is the latest version in the racing game series by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Before that, the developer’s racing games have achieved a lot of achievements. As well as being known by many players in the world with real features. From the track, racing car, environment, and time. Everything is designed very impressively, giving you an extremely authentic experience. Along with that, a lot of high-end features make the game’s capacity heavy. The publisher recommends that you exit all applications before playing, for a smooth experience. At the same time, if you want to download games to your device, your device must have at least 1GB of free space. Because during the game experience, the system will automatically save the data. Make it possible to play games on another device, when transferring games.

Download REAL RACING NEXT Mod – Drive to Participate in Dramatic Races

Become a professional racer to conquer every track in REAL RACING NEXT Mod. Each race takes place, you will have to face many challenges. Other racing cars are driven by experienced racers. This is the very opponent you have to compete within each race. There will not be an easy victory in this dramatic car race. Sometimes you need to use a little trickery to overcome your opponents. Actively collide with their car in a situation that benefits them. Causes the opposing race car to slow down or deviate from the track. Or prevent the racing cars behind from getting ahead by swerving in front of their cars. Helping you maintain your leading position. As well as certainly not giving anyone a chance to get ahead. After reaching the finish line you will win convincingly.DOWNLOAD REAL RACING NEXT Mod

A race track, car control skills

Each race track of REAL RACING NEXT Mod is designed with a different route. Corners, straight roads, or even sharp corners. Environmental conditions also affect your racing process. Requires the driving skills of a professional racer. Observe the situation that is happening in front of you, watch out for the opponents behind. Overcome bends and turns with drift skills. Get top speed on straight roads. Lead the list of racers on an intense race track. Combined with the minimap displayed on the screen. Help you know if there are dangerous bends and turns ahead to prepare mentally. From there you can drive safely at high speed. Quickly reach the finish line with the lead to assert yourself as a talented racer.Game REAL RACING NEXT Mod

Change the viewing angle, change the control system

During racing at REAL RACING NEXT Mod. You can change the viewing angle in different ways. Driving with a first-person perspective, the view from the driver’s seat. You can see the entire dashboard of each racing car. Gives you a real feeling. Or third-person perspective, view the entire race car. As well as the movement of the vehicle during travel on the road. At the same time, this view helps you to drive easily. Cornering is more accurate than in first-person. But the realism is not high. Besides, the control system of the game can also be changed. You can drive in a tilting style or control with virtual keys. Depending on how you play, choose the right viewing angle and control system to experience the game.Ears REAL RACING NEXT Mod

Lots of high-end racing cars

A series of famous racing car brands appear in the REAL RACING NEXT Mod game. With lots of high-end racing cars, inspired by reality. Typical like McLaren, Chevrolet, Ford, Porsche, … and many more. Each racing car possesses powerful performance, which is reflected in the specifications. Including top speed, acceleration time, brakes, and tires. The higher the specifications, the better the performance of the racing car. You can upgrade your racing car by using money. Upgrading the parameters will help your racing car operate more powerfully. From there, you can compete with other professional racers in dramatic races.REAL RACING NEXT Mod

As soon as entering the race of REAL RACING NEXT Mod. You will find a racing world full of life, with everything designed to be very realistic. An impressive racing environment with weather conditions on each track. From sunset to sunrise, sunny and rainy weather. Combined with the design of each racing car, the colors and exteriors are realistic. Along with a collision effect when your racing car rubs against other racing cars. Besides, the impressive sound is expressed through the vibrant background music. Interspersed with the explosion of the engine every time the car accelerates or drifts on the road.

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