Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod APK 62.62.113 (Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)

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Update October 15, 2021 (2 years ago)


  • A large number of game currency
  • Level 10 VIP
  • Advertising is disabled.


  • Lots of money, coins to spend

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod is an action game released by Reliance Big Entertainment. With an attractive fighting style, you will enter a lively world among Robots. The game has attracted a lot of participants, because of the dramatic and interesting gameplay. Currently, players can experience the game on iOS and Android platforms. On Google Play alone, the game has attracted more than 50 million downloads. And received more than 400 thousand positive feedbacks from the audience from all over the world. Inspired by martial arts and sports, Boxing talks about intense, fiery matches between two boxers on the stage. This is a close combat sport that is loved by many people and participates in major tournaments around the world.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod – Control Robots To Win On All Arenas

Inspired by that fascinating sport of Boxing, the developer made the title for the Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod game. Join the game, you will enter the exciting matches between robot warriors. Especially enjoy the tense moments on the radio floor. Here you will control your Robot to fight the champion of the WRB tournament. This is a warrior named Zeus who is known to be invincible, with countless battles that have never been defeated. However, on the way to becoming the defending champion, you will have to defeat each opponent in turn and defeat Zeus.Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

Attractive gameplay

The control of Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod is quite simple. You just need to tap the screen to move and simultaneously attack your opponent with powerful punches. In a matching skill is a factor that directly affects victory or defeat. So you need to improve your skills. By decisively attacking, tight defense combined with flexible moving feet to achieve efficiency in the game. After a while of fighting your stored energy will increase. Once maxed out, you can use special skills to deal high damage to your opponents. Also in the process of fighting you, the system will suggest what you should do next. But later on you will have to improve your skills and level to face many strong enemies.Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

Robot System

After the match ends, there will be a winning Robot, it depends on your achievements in the ring. Then you will receive generous bonuses and valuable gifts. Money is used for many different purposes, like unlocking new Robots or upgrading warriors. Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod owns more than 60 powerful Robots. With its large size and weight of up to 2000 tons, it promises to give players the most attractive experience. From familiar warriors like Zeus, Noisy boy, etc. To new class robots like Blockbuster, HollowJack, etc. Besides, players can choose the color for their Robot, by clicking Paint Shop.Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

Fun mode

For players to have new experiences and not be bored. Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod provides you with a lot of attractive game modes. For example, Career mode takes you to freestyle matches. Here you will in turn defeat the opponent and move on to the next match. This is the place to help you make your name from an ordinary Robot. With skill and strength, defeat your opponents and rise to the top of fame. Or players can join the exciting online mode. Then you can challenge your friends and opponents to the ring. For the purpose of showing off your skills and qualifications, defeat your opponents and put your name on the leaderboard.Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod APK

Graphics, sound

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod is graphically designed on a sharp 3D platform. The background is carefully polished, you can see through the arena, the surrounding scenery is very realistic. In particular, the character creation has been meticulously depicted, from shapes, colors to gestures. The operating effectiveness of the moving robot is very flexible and rhythmic. Along with very impressive skill effects, when the character uses the ultimate, he will switch to the ultimate combo phase. Combined with lively sound quality, expressed through cheers in the stands. Or when attacking the opponent, the sound created is very realistic, making you unforgettable.Game Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game, players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Then you can unlock all your favorite robot warriors. And add them to your diverse collection. Along with that, you can upgrade the maximum strength for the warrior, helping to achieve high results in the match. Besides, the game is entertaining, helping you to have relaxing moments when participating. Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod to experience the ultimate matches. And control your Robot to defeat all opponents in turn, becoming the champion in all areas.

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