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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Real Time Shields Mod is an action game that simulates the battle between two armies. One of them is yours, built and controlled by you for defense. The game was developed by Lion Studios for you to become a strategist, defending the base on demand. You will have to study the tactics, see how to get the advantage, destroy all the enemy troops. Arrange so that there is a formation, both responding to the rapid attack of the enemy. Both can ensure the safety of the base as required. Reduce troop casualties as much as possible, to withstand a few turns from enemy attacks. Hold the stronghold to the end, defend the base, prove your ability to deploy smart troops.

Download Real Time Shields Mod – Defensive Tactics

You must have played many strategy games, built an army, and then led to capture other armies. As the AOE game is a typical example, the fighting style uses the strategy of bringing troops to destroy countries. But Real-Time Shields Mod is also a strategy game, you can mobilize troops. But when you play, you will see the difference, there is no similarity in gameplay. When this game was to have troops designed according to the number available with each battle. You just need to create formations that give you the upper hand in combat. See which direction the enemy attacks from and quickly build up the main army in that direction. Fight the enemy army without letting the base be attacked, while the army always has to be large in number. You will find that the enemy’s attack is about as large as yours, but they will split into several waves of attacks. Keeping the number is essential, grasping the situation and making the next strategies. Which way should the formation be turned so that the safe base stands until the end, to achieve the reputation of only excellent destruction?Real Time Shields Mod

Take Control Of The Army

Do you see the difference of the game Real-Time Shields Mod related to the problem of fighting with the army of the fixed? But each time you participate in a different battle, you must protect the base safely, not letting the enemy destroy it. You can’t control a minion, but it must be an army at a time. You have control over an entire army so that you can build a regular squad. There are specific calculations to counter, defeat all the military. And one more thing in the game you remember will have to make decisions for the whole army before the attack from the enemy. Get timely countermeasures, lead your troops to victory.Game Real Time Shields Mod

Many challenges

The battles in Real-Time Shields Mod are all pre-designed, according to a cycle. Start with simple challenges to get you used to the game, then gradually increase the difficulty with each match. But all of them still only follow a predetermined way of playing, which is to control troops and protect the base. Similar in terms of gameplay, it doesn’t mean with a single map. With each different battle, there are changes, starting with the enemy’s army, which will be increased in strength. Then your base is designed differently, the texture can be enlarged, increasing the challenge for you to defend. Do not let any enemy troops pass through due to the distance, causing damage to the base. Try to overcome all, to stand on the top of glory.Real Time Shields Mod

Soldier Strength Upgrade

You probably know, if only with one level, playing many times is no longer challenging enough, will make the game very boring. So there will be an increase in level in the challenges, a gradual increase in the strength of the enemy. Real-Time Shields Mod starts with your army already set up, also equipped with weapons. Initially, you can try to still defeat the enemy to attack, but later you may have to be helpless, related to strength. You also need to upgrade the strength of your troops to have a chance to fight against the increased power of the enemy. It is possible to buy and equip additional weapons, which is the simplest but also highly effective. To overcome all challenges, no longer afraid of losing due to the difference in strength.Download Real Time Shields Mod

Whether it is any game, it is possible to build a shop, use the money to buy items in it. Increase the attraction of the game to players, must try to be able to buy items. And an army-building game like Real-Time Shields Mod is indispensable. Because there will be things to buy to make the army stronger, fight any battle and win that battle. To meet that need, there is a version designed with the Unlimited Money feature. Allows players to buy comfortable weapons for the army. Let your troops become stronger, defeat all enemy troops.

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