Red and Blue Stickman Mod APK 1.3.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited Money
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Lots of money, all of them unlocked

Red and Blue Stickman Mod offers you adventures with two opposing characters, red fire brother and blue water girl. The game developed by WEWIN gives you a new feeling with the challenging adventure genre of each game. But to be able to pass each level is to have the coordination of both characters. The difficulty is doubled compared to other games. When you have to control both while other games only need one character. To overcome you need to think carefully about how to move each character one by one, and see whose characteristics are suitable to overcome the designed traps. If not careful just wrong one move game will end and have to play again.

Download Red and Blue Stickman Mod – Cross the Door

With so many doors for you to try and pass each one of the levels is built differently. The structures in the Red and Blue Stickman Mod are carefully designed, built through each door being changed. The operations or obstacles are not the same so you think about how to overcome them with the combination of the two characters. Dangerous traps that you need to be careful to overcome. Agencies requiring the right character can start the agency to clear the way to continue the adventure journey through all the gates. Combining moving two characters to help each other will have a chance to reach a new destination through another gate.Game Red and Blue Stickman Mod

Embark on Adventure

Red and Blue Stickman Mod takes you on long journeys full of tough challenges. Know how to use the abilities your character has to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching the destination. There are places where the only compatibility gets you through. Like the blue girl who can move up the water without damage while the red guy dies. The red guy is completely human and can move in hot lava places. So you see, getting to the end is a whole lot of adventure that uses the character’s properties to reach the finish line.Dowload Red and Blue Stickman Mod

Multiple Maps, Different Levels

Adventure games must not stop at a certain map, but you will have to go through a very long journey with many different gates. Each door will have a different map to challenge your level and not get boring for gamers while playing. Red and Blue Stickman Mod is designed as a maze with many different compartments, there are also traps or many types of organs. The first few doors are just easy levels, the more you go back to the challenge, the bigger the challenge. Only by trying not to give up will we reach the end of the game.

Team Collaboration

Hack Red and Blue Stickman have challenges that you want to go through, you always need two characters to work together. That is much more prominent than other games, can be switched to control between two characters depending on improvisation. Organs that have so many pitfalls that need both alone cannot be overcome. There are button organs that need constant data to move the organ. Or the locks are designed for only one character, only that person can get. Up need to agree on each challenge, just one person making a mistake then immediately ends the game.Tai Red and Blue Stickman Mod

With the Red and Blue Stickman Mod version, there are two new features to help players exploit the game more easily, reducing the burden of playing. The Unlimited Money Mod allows players to enter the Shop to buy for themselves what they need to help get through the gates quickly. Or just buy items to make the character more beautiful. The Unlock feature will help open up the limited parts when playing the game. Normally it may take a long time to work for you to unlock one, but the Mod unlocks everything for you to experience.

Download Red and Blue Stickman Mod APK 1.3.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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