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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If mother nature has the greatest power, it is sure to rank in second place. Coming to Religion Inc Mod you become a god, creating a religion for mankind. Create challenges from nature, test whether humanity can rely on the power of religion to fight nature. More than that, bringing people together, creating a powerful religion. You are like traveling in time, experiencing the development of human civilization. Experiencing the flow of time, you can explore ancient times to medieval times, even modern times. Observed that humanity relies on religion to resist outside influences.

Download Religion Inc Mod – Become a God with the Mission of Religious Development

Religion Inc Mod is a simulation game published by GameFirst Mobile. The game has a religious theme, you need to pay to experience it. Join the game, you are like a supreme god. It has the task of bringing people together, by creating religion so that everyone has faith. That faith carries a supernatural power, it is like a belief for people to overcome challenges. Besides, you have to find ways to make people believe in religion. Create the challenges of nature, make people believe that religion will help them through. To win people’s faith in religion, you have to be more creative. Find ways and give difficulties, to achieve your goal. Everything in the game is created by you, whether humanity believes in religion or not is up to you.Religion Inc Mod APK

More than 6 different religions

In the world of your own making, there is not only one religion but many more. Religion Inc Mod has a total of 6 different religions. Includes Pagan religion, Shaman religion, Pantheism, animism, and monotheism. All religions are rooted in ancient times, carrying different beliefs and cultural traditions. As a god yourself, you have to make humanity believe in a certain religion. Through the flow of time, religion still holds its own value but will change many things. You can also observe the development of religion in human civilization. They appear throughout the ages, from ancient to medieval and modern times. From there, you will know whether religion can sustain and withstand the times.Tai Religion Inc Mod

Religious development, rules

Religion Inc Mod is a simulation game with real-time. Everything in the game happens randomly, phenomena and challenges appear without warning. The game has a complex operation structure and a lot of challenges. Requires you to have appropriate strategies to maintain the religion. Over time, you need to upgrade many things and manage religion through the religious system. In particular, develop religion according to your own will. Like spirituality, technology, life, even military, or more. Along with that are the immutable rules set by yourself. For example, the benefits of joining a religion, the obligations of people in religion, or things not done in religion. Everything is up to you to decide, thereby creating a strong religion. Over time, you can expand your religion.Game Religion Inc Mod

Religious upgrade

The constant change in the world of Religion Inc Mod will cause you a lot of difficulties. So you need to upgrade and improve your religion to quickly withstand the challenges. Upgrade the active areas of your religion. Including festivals, evangelism, etc., and other areas will help your religion to function stably. As you upgrade your religion, many new areas will open up. However, that makes it difficult for you to manage. Therefore, you must be creative and come up with the right solution to help the religion thrive.Download Religion Inc Mod

Being a god yourself, you can interact with people through skills. Religion Inc Mod has 3 types of skills including Popularity, Austerity, and Fanaticism. Each skill type has a different role, you can use them to interact with your religion. However, skills cannot be learned in bulk. It relies on the development of religion and levels to unlock. At each level, you can unlock a corresponding skill. Over time, characters have faith in religion, they will have great evolutions. The self is a god, the creator of religion for mankind. So, in addition to developing religion, you also have to accompany humanity to quickly cope with challenges.

Download Religion Inc Mod APK 1.2.05 (Menu, Free Shopping)

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