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Update October 17, 2021 (2 years ago)

Renegade Racing Mod is a racing game designed with very unique gameplay. Takes you to zero-gravity races. The game with the participation of a large number of online players around the world. With lively car races. You can control the car to perform stunts to earn turbo. In particular, the end of each race is not complete. The scene of cars being destroyed, crushed by giant objects. So in the course of the race. When your race car is first crushed by the object, that doesn’t mean the end. It’s a victory signal with the leading position in the zero-gravity race. To provide a unique and different racing experience. Publisher Not Doppler will help you have crazy and thrilling races like never before.

Download Renegade Racing Mod – Dangerous Off-Road Races

Each race of Renegade Racing Mod takes place in real-time. With the participation of up to 6 players. Your opponents are online racers, from many different countries. Your mission is to compete with the remaining 5 racers in extreme off-road terrain. The person who reaches the finish line first, with the earliest completion time. That person will win, and at the same time admire the scene of the racing car being crushed. If you want to achieve the best results, finish before the rest of the racers. You will have to go through difficult terrain. Control the vehicle to land safely, continue to overcome dangerous terrain. Lead the list of racers and finish the race in the shortest time. Don’t forget to collect coins during the race. After finishing the journey, combined with the received reward.Renegade Racing Mod


The terrain in each race of Renegade Racing Mod is the biggest difficulty. Directly affect the course of your race, as well as your opponents. Combined with zero-gravity gameplay, making you face a lot of challenges to overcome. The roads are bumpy, the track is bent, the roads are straight up to the sky, or the steep slopes. Anything can bring your racing car to a halt. Rather, you will have an accident, if you do not keep your balance to land safely. Depending on the type of terrain, combined with your speed and driving skills. Do everything you can to make the race car land safely and continue the race. From there, you have the opportunity to compete with other competitors. Reach the finish line and become the first crushed car. Only you can win convincingly.Game Renegade Racing Mod

Unique attack in each race

During the race at Renegade Racing Mod. In addition to having to overcome difficult terrain. You also have to face attacks from other racing cars. Depending on the type of vehicle, the ability to attack will be different. Although each car can only attack once during the race, usually in the early stages. But both have the potential to change the course of the race. If unfortunately your racing car is hit. It will be very easy to have an accident or lose control, creating an opportunity for the opponent to pass. Likewise, you can also create a surprise attack. If the opponent is unfortunate enough to touch it, it may be left behind. For example, a forklift truck controlled by you, carrying a tank of oil. After starting, the falling oil tank will create a small explosion. Causes the opponent behind to have an accident.Tai Renegade Racing Mod

Using turbo

Turbo in Renegade Racing Mod is a type of energy that helps race cars to accelerate. If you make good use of turbo, your racing process will be simpler than ever. As well as being able to easily overcome opponents during the race. For example, when landing, the speed is being touched, you can use turbo to increase speed quickly. Leave your opponent behind or shorten the distance ahead of your opponent. Each time using a turbo, your racing car can accelerate for a certain amount of time. Besides, after successfully performing the stunts. For example, rotate 360 ​​degrees in the air, land safely. Turbo power will be increased, you can continue to use it to accelerate.Dowload Renegade Racing Mod

More than 10 types of racing cars in Renegade Racing Mod for you to explore. Including buses, police cars, forklifts, armored vehicles, pickup trucks, … and some other vehicles. Each racing car is designed with an impressive appearance, with a unique style and color. Use the money earned from previous races. You can choose to unlock a favorite racing car. Then continue to use the money to upgrade the maximum speed for racing cars. Take part in new, more intense, and dramatic races.

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