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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Exp (with Exp can give you more skills points)

Restless Dungeon Mod opens a vast kingdom that is being invaded by dark forces. As a long-trained swordsman, you represent your kingdom in combat. Not only defending yourself, but you also fight to bring freedom to everyone. Destroy all the demons from hell, causing them to lose their lives under your sharp blade. Fighting frenzy and relentless carnage is something you need to learn when entering battle. Enemies don’t stop attacking to take your life. Just a little mistake or loss of concentration, you can lose your life. Not only that, the deeper you go into the battle, the stronger the enemy you encounter before. Requires combat skills, and collects powerful weapons. Equip your swordsman to increase his fighting ability. Defeat enemies to protect the honor of a swordsman,

Download Restless Dungeon Mod – Become a Dungeon Fighting Swordsman

Start the battle of Restless Dungeon Mod. You move in dungeons hunting monsters, demons, archers, and goblins. Not just a few names, but an entire army divided into waves. They appear suddenly, you can’t predict. In addition to focusing on fighting the enemy, you need to learn how to avoid the rush of waves. Move flexibly, avoid being surrounded by enemies. Combines observation to avoid ranged attacks and obstacles. At the same time take advantage of the terrain to your advantage. Attacking enemies by surprise makes them unable to counterattack. After defeating all enemies, you continue to move into the depths of the dungeon. Enemies appear more and more powerful than before. Make you have to fight constantly to survive.Restless Dungeon Mod

RPG gameplay, graphics, effects, and sounds

The gameplay of Restless Dungeon Mod has an attractive RPG fighting style. This is an action game, simulating a battle in a dark dungeon. You represent your kingdom, plunging into danger to destroy evil. Graphics are one of the elements meticulously built by the developer. Not only skill effects but also bloody scenes also appear when the character slashes the enemy. Or flexible movement, with a smooth action. You have complete control over your character with a simple control interface that is very easy to use. More than an expanded map, you can move freely, and fight in your own style. Combined with exciting sounds during combat. Gives you excitement, as well as stimulating combat.Game Restless Dungeon Mod

Combat skills, effective use

Combat skills are the deciding factor to your victory or defeat in Restless Dungeon Mod. Besides the normal attack skill, your swordsman has 5 special skills to fight. However, you can only use 3 skills during battle. At first, you can use glide, can dash through walls or enemies quickly. After leveling up. You will learn the Slash Projectile skill that can attack from a distance. Stun Area skill with wide-area attack ability. Using skills flexibly will help you win. However, each skill after use will need a certain time to cool down. Depending on the situation, you can use the appropriate skill. For example, when surrounded by enemies, you can use the Stun Area explosive power.Ear Restless Dungeon Mod

Challenge yourself when fighting the boss

Overcoming each wave of evil attacks in the dungeon, you will have to face the final boss. At this point, the battle of Restless Dungeon Mod will reach its climax. The tempo of the game will increase. Boss possesses a huge amount of blood, making you have to fight constantly. Not only that, but the boss’s fighting power is also stronger than that of ordinary demons. Causing you a lot of difficulties, maybe even losing your life quickly. However, you can challenge yourself after previous battles. Attack the boss with your skills, move flexibly to avoid attacks. Defeat it to win, protect the honor of a swordsman.Download Restless Dungeon Mod

During the battle in the dungeon of Restless Dungeon Mod. Players can slash objects around to collect coins. Also has a chance to pick up new weapons, with higher damage stats. This allows you to deal massive damage to enemies. Combine special skills, can even kill enemies with a single hit. The game gives you a bunch of different weapons to use. Includes swords, axes, hammers, knives, spears, and more. Use a weapon you love and keep fighting.

Download Restless Dungeon Mod APK 1.55 (Free Upgrade)

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