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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Rise Up Mod is a video game from publisher Serkan Özyılmaz. This is an entertaining game to help you have moments of relaxation. Returning to childhood memories, releasing balloons into the vast sky. Inspired by that, the game is similarly designed and greatly improved, in order to bring interesting experiences to players. Join the game, your task is to protect the balloon so that it does not burst. If you want to get a high score, you need to get the balloon as high as possible. However, the higher you go, the more obstacles appear. Just small negligence or distraction, the balloon will burst. That means you have to stop the game and start over.

Download Rise Up Mod – Protect Balloons Safely

The gameplay of Rise Up Mod is quite simple, you can understand how to play right from the first screen. Usually, players often explode a few balloons, due to unfamiliarity. But soon, you will definitely catch the pace of the game and understand how to play. To protect the balloons safely, players need to control the shield to block the surrounding obstacles. Using flexible fingers combined with the ability to see, quickly move the shield to protect the balloon. There will be no tools or help from others, everything depends on your skills. Just one negligence or not paying attention to the obstacles, immediately your balloons will be blown up. Therefore, you need to be very focused and observe the movement of the balloon to promptly handle it.Rise Up Mod

Pass each level of each level

In particular, each level of Rise Up Mod has no limit. The higher the balloon, the higher the score you get, you can break your own record in the following levels. The context will be constantly changed, even after a long time you can see the game screen you have experienced. Each level corresponds to a map, they are divided into different levels. This means that the difficulty of the game will gradually increase as the balloons get higher. Therefore, you need to gain experience, even trade failures to learn a new lesson. Moreover, each level will have a lot of obstacles. They are not the same and very diverse, often not repeating like previous levels. So it’s quite normal for balloons to break. It is important that after each break, you need to learn from the experience for yourself.Ear Rise Up Mod

Colorful balloons

Although balloons come in only one type, they come in a wide variety of colors. Rise Up Mod provides you with a lot of balloons with unique colors. You can choose for yourself a favorite balloon and use them to drop into the sky. Mostly, the balloons are free to use. Only some balloons require you to watch ads to unlock. What’s more, the developer constantly updates many new balloons. Helping players unleash their choices and experience more interesting.

Various shields Tấm

Besides choosing a favorite balloon, players can use a shield with a more unique shape. Rise Up Mod gives you a lot of rich shields. They are shaped like stars, rectangles or serrations, etc. Each shape of the shield will have some impact and influence on obstacle blocking. But mostly still have to rely on your control skills.Rise Up Mod APK

Subscribe to the Premium version

If you want to experience a more stimulating feeling, you can subscribe to the Premium version. In addition to the usual challenge mode, players can experience more difficulty. At this point, the pace of the game will increase very quickly, making it very difficult for you to protect the balloons. Even at the beginning of the game screen, just a few seconds later your balloon was broken. This not only makes the player inhabit, but it also brings an uncomfortable feeling because it cannot protect the balloon for longer.Tai Rise Up Mod APK

The graphics of Rise Up Mod are not interesting. They are designed by the developer very simply, without many background colors. In particular, each game screen has only a few certain colors. However, the game mainly focuses on control skills and observation ability. You need to use flexible fingers, quickly observe the obstacles to protect the balloons. Every time you move to a new level, you still have a short time to rest.

Download Rise Up Mod APK 3.1.3 (Unlocked All)

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