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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Rival Gears Racing lets players experience super racing cars from the future. They will accompany the player on the race tracks. You will be overwhelmed by the extremely fast speed like a jet. With an extremely new and unprecedented design, it makes fans standstill. Gameplay has an extremely simple control mechanism that helps players easily catch up from the first race. On the track, there will be many obstacles and sharp turns. Requires very high concentration to pass smoothly and safely. Try not to have a collision, causing an unfortunate accident. Because it will cause extremely serious consequences for you. Take advantage of the flat, deserted roads to speed up quickly to overcome the opponents and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Working hard every day will help you gradually improve your driving skills. Moreover, they also accumulate a lot of experience, practice more sensitive reflexes to promptly handle unexpected situations.

Download Rival Gears Racing Mod – Become a real racer with a powerful supercar from the future

Rival Gears Racing Mods make players surprised and amazed by the attractive features it brings. The operations have been simplified, making it easy for players to get used to and control their cars. With a powerful engine, you can experience dizzying speed. Because these are racing cars from the future, they are extremely high quality, amazingly perfect. It will take you to conquer all the racetracks in the world. It is possible to win and be in the top 1 position or not depends on the player’s driving skills. Because on the track, there are many difficult challenges waiting for you. Dangerous obstacles appeared interlaced. Players will control their steed to dodge skillfully. By touching the two arrow keys on the screen to go left or right. Try not to cause collisions with obstacles that will cause accidents and affect your performance. If your car is damaged, it will cost you a lot of money to have it repaired. Overcome all obstacles and opponents to reach the finish line as soon as possible.

Rival Gears Racing mod

Unique vehicle system

Rival Gears Racing Mod owns unique supercars, attracting players that cannot take their eyes off. Unique, novel design with never-before-seen components. The shape is also very special, unlike the normal racing cars you often come across. It is assembled with additional parts to help prevent obstacles. Choose for yourself a powerful steed that you love to conquer large-scale races. Accumulate a lot of bonuses to own cars with different advantages. Players can completely change continuously to suit each race and shine their talent against every opponent in the world.

Rival Gears Racing mod apk

Many attractive race tracks

Players will be driving on flat streets, crowded audience. It can be seen that the atmosphere is extremely bloody like the racing arena in reality. Have the opportunity to see beautiful cities in the future or other scenery such as deserts, towns, even a long race across the sea. With the future setting, there will be even more unique places for you to explore. Each race screen will have its own attractive scenery, and the challenges for players are also different. So hurry up and complete the race. To unlock the next races, conquer them all to see many fascinating scenes in the future.

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Dramatic races

Each race in Rival Gears Racing Mod will have up to 10 players competing. Including the world’s top racers, seasoned experience. Standing in front of the starting line, all have the ambition to win the championship cup. Do you have enough confidence and skills to overcome all opponents to complete the race excellently and finish the race as soon as possible? At the start of the race, by all means, take the lead to gain the upper hand. Being able to block their way has no chance of getting ahead. On the track will appear energy bags, helping you to perform terrible acceleration phases. Take advantage of them properly to stay far behind the opponents and reach the finish line fastest. To receive valuable rewards, own the prestigious championship cup.

Game Rival Gears Racing mod

3D graphics

Rival Gears Racing Mod gives players the most realistic races. So it’s easy to imagine how great it will be in the future. This is possible thanks to the meticulously built 3D graphics platform. Every detail and image in the gameplay is shown extremely sharp and smooth. Especially the vibrant colors and unique textures of the supercars stimulate players even more. A beautiful, eye-catching future setting that satisfies your passion for exploration. The sound system is diverse from the sound of the engine, the exhaust, the cheers of the audience, etc. Players can completely feel like they are participating in a real racing arena. Exciting background music makes the race more dramatic and attractive.

Normal racing games with simple and familiar gameplay make you feel bored. And if you want to find yourself a new feeling for this genre, come to Rival Gears Racing. Players will experience a special racing style from the future. Show off your skills as a real rider and steer your steed to the finish line as quickly as possible. Download Rival Gears Racing Mod to conquer fierce races and claim your name in the racing world.

Download Rival Gears Racing Mod APK 1.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

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