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Rival Kingdoms sets up a simulated world, the golden age of emperors. Here the player transforms into a king, with full control over large land. With your talents and strategies, let’s build a strong and long-term development country. Because there are many other kingdoms that are always competing underground and will invade at any time. The right thing to do is to establish your own empire and train a mighty army. Take them to the battlefields to fight for territory, make a lot of victories. Will get huge bonuses, enriching resources that can be spent on other jobs. Use them to upgrade strongholds, palaces, support funding to nurture talents for the country, etc. You will become a famous and talented king of all time. Gameplay brings an attractive theme with diverse and interesting missions. This will be a new breeze for gamers to enjoy and experience.

Download Rival Kingdoms Mod – Build your own kingdom, become a great king

Taking on and fulfilling the duties of a king is a big challenge that is not unique to anyone. But in Rival Kingdoms Mod, everything will be simplified. Help players easily catch up with their work and tasks. You just need to click on the screen, there are virtual keys with different functions. So controlling the character is very convenient and easy. The one who has the power to decide all the affairs of a kingdom. Let’s come up with the smartest and most reasonable strategies to bring the country up, constantly growing. The system will provide players with up to 5 workers to build great works for the kingdom. However, to be able to perfect them will require a stable resource. You will have to train yourself an elite, large army to participate in border wars. And widen the scope of the rule, The larger the area, the larger the bonus amount. Players will freely implement their plans. Build the most magnificent and magnificent palaces or upgrade buildings such as Strongholds, gold mines, fortresses, modern equipment for combat, etc. To ensure absolute safety for the king of your country.

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Territorial expansion

Rival Kingdoms Mod allows players to expand their territory. To prove his country developed both economically and militarily. When your army has completed rigorous training, it is strong enough to engage in fierce battles. Lead them to new lands to explore and conquer. Each place will provide you with different resources such as Minerals, food, etc. Surely your country will be larger and richer quickly. However, not all kingdoms are easy to tame. Please consider carefully before leaving the army so as not to receive disastrous results.

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Build military force

Military force is one of the factors affirming the strength of a kingdom. And show the level of command, the ability to run the country of the king. What is interesting for gamers in this gameplay is that the composition of soldiers is extremely diverse. For example Human, dragons, apes, phoenixes, etc. Each species will possess its own special power and unique and interesting appearance. Owning a diverse army, converging all kinds of powers of fire, ice, nature, etc. will help you unleash your creativity in creating new tactics to easily destroy strong strongholds.

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Dramatic PvP battles

It will be more interesting when players can compete with other gamers. To become an almighty king, it is imperative that players face fierce PvP battles. This is your chance to show off your intelligence and cunning. Let’s create smart tactics, arrange the army and arrange the battle like a real tactician. Take advantage of all the strength of the army, beat the opponent to pieces, lose the heart to surrender. Take the stronghold and put their kingdom under your dominion. But sometimes will have to face very strong and experienced opponents. Requires careful observation to detect their weaknesses. It will be easier to win.

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Graphics and Sound

Rival Kingdoms Mod owns a high-quality 3D graphics background. Give players the most authentic experience. Sharp images down to every small detail. Bright colors create beautiful vivid scenes. Players enjoy the scenery of many different countries. It is sure to collect a lot of interesting things from the ancient kingdoms. Create unique and diverse characters with many different types and sizes. Make the world in the game more vivid and attractive. The sound system is carefully built. Help players feel all the sounds of everyday life in the kingdom and the voices of creatures. Exciting background music arouses the excitement of players.

Rival Kingdoms has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. The gameplay has easy to understand the gameplay, so it is suitable for all ages. Players will quickly be absorbed in the game, performing the duties of a king. And practice the skills of running the country, building the most perfect empire. Download Rival Kingdoms Mod to rule a large land, affirming talent and an important role in the prosperity of a kingdom.

Download Rival Kingdoms Mod APK (Unlimited mana)

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