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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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As robotic technology advances, we have created new playing fields. Robot Fighting 2 Mod is inspired by an American TV show. Is a fighting game but the participant is a robot. We have created machines that can perform the purposes we ask them to. It’s not too difficult now that you can customize your robot warrior. This game will help you fulfill your wishes with just a mobile phone. There are countless pieces for you to create a unique warrior robot. Combine the components you think are useful and bring them into the ring.

Download Robot Fighting 2 Mod – Robot Battle

Inspired by a reality show that was broadcast on American television. It is a program that has attracted a lot of viewers and interest. Competitions against humans have been around for a long time. But now the fighting game with robots gives you more novelty. Robot Fighting 2 Mod is a game where you will create your own robots. Choose the weapons that you think are the most powerful for your robot. Along with a lot of components to equip more advanced robots. All these little things work for your robot. To win this game, careful preparation of the robot is essential. But equally important is your robot control level. Smart moves and reasonable attacks will help you increase your winning rate.

Download Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Robot invention

Robot Fighting 2 Mod is a battle of steel machines. Therefore, careful investment in every part will always be a top priority. There are many types of robots with different shapes in the game store. Robots always have their own unique characteristics and strengths. For example, if you want to own a large robot, then it cannot be flexible. The agility speed of the smaller robots but the power source is not great. Each robot has a different price depending on the power stat. You need to meet a certain standard and buy them with game currency. Earn money by completing missions and winning every match. Be persistent in accumulating to own the warriors you desire.

Tai Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Fierce battle

When participating in this robot war, there are many things you need to learn. Robot Fighting 2 Mod is a fighting game like the human boxing genre. We also have a ring with ropes all around. Can only fight within the created arena. If in real life, we will stand outside the ring and control our robot. But with this game, you will directly role-play your robot. With the robot’s third perspective, you will see a very wide angle on the field. Unlike the human game, these armored warriors are not just 1 vs 1. There can be many opponents on the field that you need to deal with. The buttons to move the robot all appear on the phone screen. Make the robot win with your commanding ingenuity.

Game Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Robot Fighting 2 Mod owns a relatively set of graphics to help you get a good experience. Composed on the basis of 3D graphics, giving us multi-dimensional views. You will see the opponent’s robots from every angle on the ring. The flexibility and fluidity of the game’s gameplay help you get stable smoothness. The robots are designed in a very diverse way. Designed with distinct weapons and strengths that are immediately apparent in appearance. Careful attention to every little detail in every robot part. A great sound system gives you the most enjoyable experience. The sound of collisions or weapons that attack the opponent or are attacked in reverse. Both give us more excitement when participating. The cheers and cheers in the stands also made us more excited.

Robot Fighting 2 Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Robot Fighting 2 Mod version of the game. The unlimited money feature will help you a lot while participating in the game. To own a robot with special powers. You need to spend a small amount of money to own them in the game store. Working hard on the game is the only thing you can do to earn a lot of money. But with this game Mod version, you have an unlimited amount of money to spend. Save you from worrying about the price and buy whatever you like. A feature that will help you play the game a lot easier.

Download Robot Fighting 2 Mod APK 2.7.0 (Unlimited Money)

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