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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you share the same passion for strategy games, don’t miss the great RTS Siege Up! Please. Your main task when participating in this gameplay is to build your stronghold and protect it. Facing many strong enemies who are always plotting to invade and conquer your country. Immediately after entering the game, you need to create a mighty and mighty army. Always ready to fight, face the dangers with you. On this fierce battlefield, it is difficult to find compromise and tolerance here. Players need to have smart tactics, arrange a mischievous squad that makes the enemy fear your power. Use support items to make your country thrive. Create a lot of barracks, troop houses,

Download RTS Siege Up! Mod – Develop your country

Player Attraction of RTS Siege Up! That mod is that all data when you fight is saved. When building a stronghold has not been completed but you have a busy job and cannot continue to participate, don’t worry. Because the system has saved your entire build process already. In the next play, the player will continue with his unfinished works. Pay attention to resource exploitation in the game. Because without this item, it will be difficult for you to create works. The amount of money that appears during your battle comes from the collection of resources that are available. That’s why you should search, locate the mines of gold, silver, etc… Exploiting wood resources. Do not forget an important operation to help you increase the strength of the base, the army is to upgrade.

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Battle Army

Many genres, dozens of different armies, and infantry for you to build a squad to fight. But there are two main types of soldiers, the indispensable core of the battle: Archers and knights. In each war, the archer is the main offensive weapon of the match. The Knight will approach the enemy and charge forward for a direct attack. At the same time, they also have shields to protect the bowmen from attacks from the enemy. Your tactics and fighting style need to change constantly, making it impossible for the enemy to know what you will do next. Arrange the position of the army appropriately to be able to adapt to the new environment.

Game RTS Siege Up! mod

Build a stronghold

Indispensable is the battle base. You need to build strongholds, walls, defense towers, etc. To be able to prevent stormy attacks from the enemy. Do not let them have the opportunity to approach, attack your army. Warships, catapults, assault vehicles, etc… Are what you can choose to attack and defend. Fight both on land and in water. 2 different environments need to have their own tactics and fighting style. Destroy enemy buildings and strongholds. Collect all their valuable items.

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Resource gathering

Resources are an extremely important factor that determines your victory in the match. Make sure that the amount of resources you have is not exhausted. Collect continuously, generate gold coins to help you buy soldiers, build bases more easily. Creating warships costs a lot of money and materials. So players need to calculate, search and accumulate a lot of resources. Ensure that when attacking or defending the enemy will also be able to win easily.

Various maps

Lots of locations, beautiful scenery for players to choose from. If you want to expand your territory, you must let your army move and explore. The whole thing is very dark, obscured, making it impossible for the player to know what is behind it. Create curiosity, stimulate players to find and discover the truth. Be careful because there may be many dangers and pitfalls behind it. Especially, it is very easy to be ambushed by the enemy, waiting for you to come and attack. Try to build, develop and expand the territory. Become a mighty tiger, challenge any player you want.

Tai game RTS Siege Up! mod apk

RTS Siege Up! for players to become the king, the head of a large, powerful country. Control your army to grow mighty, fight hard to defeat the opponent. Continuously create attacks on the enemy’s goal. Don’t give them a chance to counterattack. Upgrade the army, a stronghold to be able to ensure combat strength, destroy the enemy faster and easier. Download RTS Siege Up! Mod classic attacks.

Download RTS Siege Up! Mod APK 1.1.80 (Unlimited resources)

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