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Coming to Russian Car Drift Mod, players can perform top-notch Drift phases. Become a professional racer, drive a drift car on the road to complete the mission. This is a rather difficult skill, requiring the driver to really master the speed and steering wheel. When a car drifts, the rear wheel will slide and fly farther than the front wheel. At the same time, the front wheel will rotate in the direction of the corner. Usually, you can only see these drift scenes in movies or in real races. Now, when joining the game, you can do it easily.

Download Car Drift Mod – Perform Drift Skills On The Race

Joining Russian Car Drift Mod will not have any competitive races. You don’t have to beat any opponents to win. Instead, there are solitary car races on many different terrains. Master the track with artistic drifts. Drive through the vast roads, reach the destination in the fastest time. The gameplay is easy but difficult, requiring skill and speed to be stable. Choose the right cornering position at the right time so as not to collide with the surrounding walls. Complete the race with the best score. Continue to move to the next race to challenge yourself.Download Russian Car Drift Mod

Exciting mode

Car Drift Mod provides you with two modes including Single Run and Multiplayer. For Single Run mode, you can challenge yourself with single levels. Take turns to overcome the challenge to move to the next level. Successfully complete the task to receive the bonus. At the same time, you can practice skillfully with difficult drift skills. Familiarize yourself with every map to prepare for a thrilling race to unfold. Enter the Multiplayer mode, where many professional racers gather. This place is like an arena, there will be no victory for the weak. Because the race is extremely dramatic, the drivers have rich driving experience. They will even attack you by driving the car directly at you. So, in addition to focusing on the drift, you also have to avoid cars that intend to hinder you.Russian Car Drift Mod APK

Vehicle control mechanism

Although Car Drift Mod designed the optimal control system, making it easy for players to use. But to control the car intelligently still takes a lot of time. Because the game simulates car drift skills in a realistic way, the control is not easy at all. When entering the race, the left side of the screen shows two simulator keys, which are used to navigate the car’s movement. The right side of the screen displays the brake and accelerator pedals, helping you to increase and decrease the speed. At the same time, the handbrake icon is displayed right above the screen, the main factor for you to perform drift phases. The game requires a flexible combination of control keys, to create beautiful drift phases.

Unlock new cars

As soon as you enter Car Drift Mod you are provided with 15,000 USD to start the game. But this amount is quite small, you can only buy a low-end car. Passing the challenge in turn, you will accumulate a sum of money. You can use it to unlock your favorite car. The game owns a diverse vehicle system, with many different levels of money. Each car has its own color, model, and make. You can freely choose and complete a rich car collection.Russian Car Drift Mod

Upgrade and change the appearance

Moving into the garage, you can upgrade and change the appearance of the racing car as you like. Car Drift Mod has many unique paint colors, choose your favorite paint color to make the car stand out. Besides, a series of things for you to upgrade such as suspension, performance, and weight. After upgrading, you can participate in racing to feel the change of the car. In particular, upgrading the car will help you perform drift phases easily.

Graphics, sound

Inspired by drift driving techniques, the developer has tried to design the graphics and sound accordingly. Help players have the most authentic experience. However, Car Drift Mod focuses mainly on drift activities, so it is not too focused on the image. But the sound quality is completely different. The simulation game is extremely realistic, from the engine, the exhaust pipe, to the sound of the wheels drifting on the road.Game Russian Car Drift Mod

Car Drift Mod is not for the masses, but it still receives a lot of attention from the audience. The game recreates interesting drift phases, simulating the actual physics of racing. Help players are immersed in exciting races. Show your skills by driving vintage cars drifting on the road. Experience thrilling, intense races. A series of interesting missions are waiting for you to explore. Promises to bring the best races for players when participating.

Download Russian Car Drift Mod APK 1.9.3 b89 (Unlimited Money)

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